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The Missionary Work of the Pilgrims of St. Michael

Written by Melvin Sickler on Saturday, 01 October 2011. Posted in Pilgrims of St. Michael

Melvin SicklerYour Excellencies, Reverend Fathers, Directors, fellow Pilgrims of Saint Michael:

I must first express the joy I feel in my heart in having four Bishops and four Archbishops present today from Africa, as well as all the other members of the clergy and laity who came to represent their dioceses and countries. They attended our week of study, participating fully, and have shown a genuine interest in our Work for monetary reform. The presence of the clergy from Africa has edified us and encouraged us in our Work, and we thank them for their presence with us today.

We have already held many weeks of study with clergy from Africa, and we have to note that every Bishop who has attended our weekly sessions so far has given full approval of our Work, of spreading the Social Credit philosophy throughout the world. They are beginning to understand that the International Bankers are great thieves, that they use every means to trigger depressions, wars, economic crashes for their own financial benefit, and that there is no need to have hunger and starvation in front of an abundance of goods.

In our weeks of study and in our Social Credit literature, it is explained how the banks create money out of nothing, and how the governments of every country should take back the power to create the money of their countries without interest. We could say that the Social Crediters are getting to the root cause of poverty, which is the debt-money system of every country.

And, of course, we do not have to go to Africa to find poverty; we have it in our own backyards. This summer I spent four months in California, Nevada, and Central Canada with my partner, Mr. Pascal Richard, doing apostolate work for the MICHAEL Journal. We visited with many people who are under serious financial stress, many of them on the verge of losing their livelihoods and their homes. They understood well when we explained to them that we have to work to correct the financial system itself, that there is no need to have to live under such stress, worrying about how they will pay their bills and get the basic necessities of life for their families.

The Church has its social doctrine, but so few have been educated on this subject. And where else than in the Social Credit literature of MICHAEL will a sound solution be found to apply the social doctrine of the Church to alleviate world poverty?

The Directors chose the theme well for this Congress: to educate the population on the cause of poverty to resolutely overcome it. While in California and Nevada this summer, my partner and I were keeping up on the latest developments concerning the debt-ceiling crisis of the United States. Here we had all of these intellectual politicians, scratching their heads, trying to find a solution. All they could come up with was to borrow more money at interest. They have either been brainwashed to defend the financial system as it is or they are members of elite organizations, like the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderbergers, whose sole aim is to bankrupt every country to bring about the New World Order, with a One World government. Not a single word was said anywhere by these politicians about the United States abolishing the Federal Reserve debt-money system and that the country should take back its power to create its own money without interest.

All the decisions that they made were to defend the debt-money system as it is.

Several years ago, I wrote an article for the MICHAEL Journal in which I lamented the fact that the national debt of the United States had reached 2 trillion dollars. Today, in 2011, the federal debt of the United States is over 14 trillion dollars. In such a short period of time, the debt has snowballed to figures that are totally unconceivable. When I was in California, I visited with a priest who told me that if we would take all the money in the world and try to pay off the federal debt of the United States, we still could not pay it off. So do you think that the American people are going to pay off this debt? I do not think so! The debt figures could be erased from the books but the debt could never be paid off. It is even predicted that riots will eventually break out across the United States, especially if the U.S. dollar should collapse.

But here again, if the people would be educated on this subject through our journals and leaflets, they would understand the cause of the problem and have a solution to correct it. There would be no need to go around rioting, which would solve absolutely nothing! And to educate the people, we need apostles who have solutions, people of right thinking, people who are not afraid to go out in the cold and in the heat, people who are not afraid to make sacrifices, people who have convictions, people who form an elite and who have learned to take their responsibilities to make the great light of Social Credit known to those around them. We do not do apostolate work just for ourselves, to gather up a bunch of numbers. We do apostolate work because we love our neighbour for the love of God, because we care about our brothers and sisters of the world who are starving, who are being exploited, and who also have a right to the goods of the earth given by God for all.

The Bishops present here today from Africa know in reality what poverty is all about. They understand that thousands die every day in their countries from hunger, not because there is a lack of food but because the population does not have adequate purchasing power to obtain the food.

When a representative came to our week of study a few years ago from Ghana, West Africa, he said to us: “In my country, we do not want the West to send us food. We have food. What we need is the Social Credit dividend so the people will be able to buy the food that we have.” Here again, it is the question of educating the people to demand the correction of the financial system.

Often I think about President John F. Kennedy who had begun to create debt-free money called United States Notes, without interest, putting them into circulation in his country. What President Kennedy did was very noble, very honourable, but he made the mistake of working on his own, of not telling the American people what he was doing. So all the Financiers had to do was to get rid of Kennedy, and the United States was back to the same old debt-money system, the Federal Reserve Notes, which are all borrowed at interest.

Yes, we need to educate the people of the world on the subject of monetary reform; we need to form a new elite of Social Crediters all over the world who would, in turn, take up their responsibilities to educate those around them on this important issue. And how to educate those around us? By subscribing everyone to our journals and by distributing our leaflets to all the people we meet.

When we do the door-to-door Crusade, we leave a leaflet at every door. And if we find someone who shows an interest in our Work, we immediately give them a handful of leaflets to pass to those around them. If everyone would take the Work of MICHAEL seriously, we could easily reach the population with the great truth found in MICHAEL.

We must not be afraid to spread Social Credit leaflets. Some have the tendency to want to only distribute the spiritual leaflets which, of course, are important. But the Social Credit leaflets are also important. In fact, they are very important! We do not offend Heaven by working for justice, for we are working to feed the hungry and clothe the naked, performing the corporal works of mercy by working for a Social Credit dividend for all. In fact, you gain tremendous merits spreading the Social Credit literature because you are working for the love of your neighbour; you are working to build the Kingdom of the Immaculate upon the earth.

I always tell people that Satan’s major weapon to get to the souls of the people is the debt-money system. Reflect on that for a moment. Everyone needs money to live, but if the money becomes controlled, we all become controlled!

Everywhere we go across the United States and Canada, we see huge cell towers going up. People say to us that we need these cell towers for their cell phones to operate. I used to think the same way. But it finally occurred to me that if a cell tower can detect a microchip in the cell phone, it can also detect a microchip implanted in a human. And we know that Satan has plans to have every human being on earth implanted with a microchip in order to buy and sell. But it will be the mark of the Antichrist; those who receive this mark will be renouncing their Christian faith! But without this microchip, we will not be able to publicly buy or sell anything, for all the cash, checks, and credit cards will no longer be of any value.

Social Crediters, we are living in very serious times. The technology for the global government is now in place right before our very eyes. Can we just sit back and say nothing? Can we just ignore everything and just pretend nothing will ever happen?

Satan has a plan for global control and Heaven has a plan for world peace; it is all becoming more and more obvious. The question is: will we be active and help Heaven and do our part to reach as many souls as possible before we lose our freedom?

Yes, everywhere we go there are people who need our visit. Everywhere we go, we find people who no longer practise their faith, who have neglected prayer, and who find their daily crosses heavy and burdensome. We find people who are searching for answers, for true answers to what is happening in our so-called crazy world. We find people who are very confused.

Blessed Pope John Paul II had spoken often of having a new evangelization to reach our brothers and sisters. He spoke often about the laity taking up their responsibilities to work for justice and the salvation of souls.

The souls that we help to save will plead beseechingly on our behalf before the judgment seat of God. St. Gregory once said that we shall gain as many crowns as we win souls to God. As it states in Matt 5:16: “So let your light shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father who is in Heaven.”

From experience, we know it is not always easy to go out to do apostolate work in the rain, in the high humidity, the freezing cold. It is not always easy to take a firm stand on various issues, to be a public witness for what we firmly believe in. But these are the sacrifices we are happy to make.

And when we do the door-to-door Rosary Crusade, we do not always get big results. We are not always received with open arms. But every time we go out, we know we are reaching souls with our leaflets, our prayers, our example, and our sacrifices. Nothing is lost when one has consecrated their life to Our Lady! For nothing we do in the name of the Father, for the love of the Father, will go unrewarded! We just humbly go door to door, the “Ave Maria’s” we recite in the homes being the strength that leads us, for we know that those who do apostolate work bring down great blessings from Heaven upon their families and their countries.

When we visit the families, we always emphasize the importance of praying the daily Rosary. How many times Our Lady has said that the Rosary is the most powerful weapon we have against our enemies. It is the spiritual bread of souls. Our Lady has even promised that he who remains devoted to the Rosary shall not perish. How right Sister Lucy of Fatima was when she stated that “because the Blessed Virgin gave such great efficiency to the Rosary, there is no problem, neither material or spiritual, national or international, that cannot be resolved by the Rosary and our sacrifices.”

In his last sermon, the late Cardinal Mindszenty, who had suffered so much for the Church of Christ, said: “Give me a million families with rosaries in their hands, uplifted to Mary… They will be a military power, not against other people, but for all mankind, for its welfare, it’s healing. We need a Rosary of love. Let us therefore take the Rosary from family to family. With it in our hands, we shall conquer ourselves, convert sinners, do penance for our country, and we will certainly attain the merciful, mild, and benevolent Heart of Mary.”

Yes, we must have prayer combined with action! Now there are only a few among the masses of people who are exerting themselves to do apostolate work; the others are looking at them and waiting. If this small group were to be even more reduced, the MICHAEL Journal would be thus forced to close its doors. No one wishes such a thing. And yet, this is what would happen. We need more apostles to obtain the victory.

We need more Social Crediters to decide to be really active. Every good Social Crediter knows that all that is needed for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing! Social Crediters! We have all been given great graces! We have all been chosen by Heaven for this great mission! Let us remain loyal to the Work of MICHAEL. Let us make the year 2011-2012 the best year yet in doing apostolate work. May God bless all of you.

Melvin Sickler


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Melvin Sickler

Melvin Sickler

Melvin Sickler is a remarkable apostle. He does the door-to-door Rosary Crusade all over Canada and the United States to solicit subscriptions to Michael, and hold meetings.

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