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The mission of MICHAEL: “To educate on the causes of poverty and the ways of combatting them”

Written by Marcelle Caya on Sunday, 01 January 2023. Posted in Pilgrims of St. Michael

Here are excerpts from the speech that Marcelle Caya, the new Director General of the Louis Even Institute, addressed to the Annual Congress of MICHAEL in September 2022:

It is certainly a great joy, for each of us, to be together again to live this Congress and this Triduum in joy, friendship, and in the spirit of our charisma: To educate on the causes of poverty and the ways of combatting them (according to the words of Pope St. Paul VI in his encyclical letter Populorum Progressio). Like Louis Even, let us be educators, prophets in charity.

Like many among you, I come from a Social Credit family: for this I thank God; and I especially thank Him for the immense gift of the Catholic Faith.

After the unexpected death of our dearly departed Marcel Lefebvre, you now have a new team of Directors. This loss which shook us greatly, as we always are when one of our own leaves us, is a wound that will take time to heal. Marcel Lefebvre made his mark; the loss of his enthusiasm is sorely felt.

I have been a Pilgrim of Saint Michael for 53 years. With the help of the other Directors, we are doing our best to continue the mission. We ask for help from Heaven, the Holy Spirit, and we count on your prayers.

Our charisma is to work for social justice by educating our brothers and sisters for a better world; it is to be prophets; it is to practice charity, because we accomplish our mission freely.

Social Justice, a well-balanced justice, certainly desired by God, is a just distribution of riches according to the needs of each, so that all individuals can have access, without difficulty, to the resources available to satisfy their essential needs. It is the social dividend, that is an important point in the Social Credit doctrine.

This work, accomplished by the White Berets of the Michael Journal since its founding in 1939 by Louis Even, proves, as Louis Even said, that it is possible to educate a population. The results are here before us.

We can all admit that Canada is the country which offers the best social conditions: old age pensions, family allowances and all types of assistance. It is because our people have understood their right to a revenue not tied to employment, which is the dividend. It is not perfect, but for the people who benefit from it, their state of life would be better.

"Once the population is informed, the governments must take notice. This education was accomplished through the voice of Michael and its apostles. As Msgr. Placide Mukendi, vicar general of the Diocese of Mbuji Mayi in the Democratic Republic of Congo, at one of our study sessions on Economic Democracy: "There are here, in Canada, more White Berets than we see. The people understand Social Credit and are White Berets without knowing it."

The voice of the Pilgrims of Saint Michael is the Michael Journal… Whether it be in digital form on social medias or in paper format, it is always appreciated, and this we must maintain. And the voice of the Michael Journal is you, apostles of right thinking!

"An important point of the Social Credit doctrine is that the government must itself create its own money, and not borrow it, at interest, from private banks. Today, the challenge is sizeable, faced with this digital-identity plan. Michael and our leaflets denounces this diabolical plan. You have leaflets available to you… We must inform the population. Our mission is great. We must be like Louis Even: educators, prophets, apostles.

"Working with charity since its beginning, the mission of the Pilgrims of Saint Michael is truly apostolic. "Apostles of right thinking". The apostolate, the gift of self, though love of God and neighbor, is what truly gives results. Our charisma is on the temporal plane for Social Credit, and on the spiritual plane through prayer and by the example of a life lived honestly and by the apostolate.

One can read in the Decree on the Apostolate of the Laity, from the Second Vatican Council:

"Such a life requires a continual exercise of faith, hope and charity. Only by the light of faith and by meditation on the Word of God can one always and everywhere recognize God in Whom "we live, and move, and have our being" (Acts 17:28), seek His will in every event, see Christ in everyone, whether he be a relative or a stranger, and make correct judgements about the true meaning and value of temporal things, both in themselves and in their relation to man's final goal.

"In the pilgrimage of this life, hidden with Christ in God and free from enslavement to wealth, they aspire to those riches which remain forever, and generously dedicate themselves wholly to the advancement of the Kingdom of God and to the reform and improvement of the temporal order in a Christian spirit." (Apostolicam Actuositatem n.4)

In reading these lines from the Decree on the Apostolate of the Laity, it seems to me to represent the life of a Pilgrim of Saint Michael. It is truly in this spirit of spreading the reign of God that we pursue our apostolate, especially when we go visit families for the Rosary Crusade. In our visits, we always want to bring to our brothers and sisters a positive message, a message of hope, of charity.

The Rosary Crusade apostolate is certainly a celestial credit. Praying a decade of the Rosary with a family draws them closer to their celestial credit. For my part, the visit to families is a great motivator; bringing the Michael message is a reward. Michael is a light on their road. Michael must go into as many families as possible.

"Let us remain faithful to the Church; let us be convinced that the Holy Spirit is always at work, today, as always.

"Let us be true Pilgrims of Saint Michael: let us subscribe to Michael, distribute leaflets. And especially, let us not forget that we are on the winning team, on Saint Michael the Archangel's team, of our mother Mary Immaculate, and on the team of Christ the King. Let us not fear the future but let us live in the present time. Let us live our Congress with enthusiasm, according to the greatness of our mission.

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