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The hour of Christ, of saints, has come!

Written by Gilberte Côté-Mercier on Monday, 01 January 2001. Posted in Gilberte Côté-Mercier

 In April, 1961, the members of the Louis Even Institute decided to adopt the name of "Pilgrims for a better world", which were later called the "Pilgrims of Saint Michael".

Why are they called "Pilgrims"? Because they are men, women, and children on the move, marching towards a better world.

All human beings on earth are pilgrims on earth, heading for eternity. While heading for eternity, they act in their circles; they transform the temporal world. They are marching for a another temporal world, a better one. This march of each individual towards eternity, each of his and her actions, has an influence over the present temporal world, and transforms it. This influence transforms the present time into a world that will be different tomorrow: this world will be more beautiful, if people are heading for good, and uglier, if they are heading for evil.

To be Pilgrims for a better world means to be on the move for a better world, which will be built by those who march, who are on the move.

The "Pilgrims for a better world" are now called the "Pilgrims of Saint Michael". We work for a better temporal world under the protection of Saint Michael the Archangel who, by the way, has been our protector since the foundation of our Movement.

The hour of Christ

Saint Michael the Archangel is the first soldier of Christ. His name means "Who is like unto God?", his rallying cry when he defeated Lucifer and cast him into hell. Lucifer wanted to be the equal of God, and refused to submit to God's will. "I will not serve," he said. Michael replied: "Nobody can claim to be like God. I am the one who testifies to the absolute sovereignty of God over you, Lucifer, the rebellious one. My name is'Michael','who is like unto God?'. This name means your defeat, the triumph of God over Satan," And Satan is cast into hell with the word of Michael, the servant of God's will, who is submitted to God.

Michael became the leader of the heavenly hosts against the armies of Satan. When Christ will come through the Virgin chosen by God, Michael will lead the great battle of God, under the command of Christ the King and Mary the Queen, in accordance with God's will.

This great battle will last until the end of the world. All the angels and all human beings are part of this battle. All the battles of the angels and men are nothing but episodes of this great battle of Michael against Satan.

The angels in Heaven can clearly see the two sides in this battle throughout the centuries. Unfortunately, men are most often blinded as for what is really at stake. They think they are the generals in this battle, whereas they are nothing but tools at the service of the good or bad angels.

This battle of God against those who oppose His divine Will forms the real history of mankind. The coming of the kingdom of Christ is the reason for being for the whole creation. The closer we are to the end times, the closer is the hour of Christ. And to immediately precede the second coming of Christ, saints must multiply; it must be the hour of saints. The hour of Christ has come! The hour of saints has come!


Since we are marching towards our salvation, since our march is a battle, we are pilgrim-soldiers, pilgrim-warriors. Under the banner of Saint Michael the Archangel, we are Pilgrims of Saint Michael, proud of our army and of our commander, obediently and joyfully submitted to his orders that are filled with wisdom and might

Can the orders of Saint Michael be of a political nature? The orders given by Saint Michael to Saint Joan of Arc were of a purely political – even military – nature. So, the orders given by Saint Michael to his little Pilgrims of the "Michael" Journal can also be of a political nature.

It is a matter of justice. Justice is the responsibility of every Christian, of every soldier of Saint Michael. A Christian who lets injustice prevail is not a witness to justice, but a defeatist. A true soldier of Christ fights injustices. If there are injustices in politics, then the soldier of Saint Michael must fight in this domain. If Satan prevails, especially in politics, it is easy to understand that Saint Michael will direct his soldiers to fight in the political field.

We are talking here about the Kingdom of Christ, the temporal Kingdom of Christ. Christ must reign over the temporal city, and consequently, over the political city. It is Saint Michael who must direct the battle for the reign of Christ, even in politics.

I march

The program of the Pilgrims of Saint Michael includes a march. I must walk, move on. I go from door to door, as Pilgrims of Saint Michael. I am proud of it, since I am under the command of Saint Michael, who walks along in my apostolate work.

I walk to bring the message of a Christian and Social Credit society. This message is carried by the "Michael" Journal. So I walk for "Michael", to diffuse the "Michael" Journal.

I will walk for "Michael" in my leisure times, weekends, evenings, holidays. Then | will truly accomplish my program of a Pilgrim of Saint Michael.

I will walk for "Michael" by distributing its leaflets and offprints, to cover the country with drops of truth. I may be only 8 or 12 years old, but I am already a Pilgrim of St. Michael, since I distribute the leaflets of St. Michael.

I carry the "Michael" Journal in my thoughts, in my heart, and in my pocket. Every year, I set myself an objective of subscriptions that I will reach without fail, to support the Work of "Michael" and to find new subscribers. This is how I am a Pilgrim of St. Michael.

And I will win over other people to also become Pilgrims of St. Michael. This is a must. I want to find more people interested in our Cause. I will strengthen the army of St. Michael, the army of pilgrim-soldiers. I will bring newcomers to the "Michael" meetings.

I visit families

I want to be a patriot. I know I will be one by dedicating myself for my homeland, for my people. And to know how to dedicate myself, I visit families. I go from door to door in town and country. I visit the sanctuary of households to pray the Rosary with families, to bring them the light of the "Michael" Journal, and to receive a teaching, to listen to the lessons given by fathers and mothers, who represent the real life of the nation, who carry on their shoulders the responsibilities of the nation, who build our country and raise children, the future of our nation. I go and see them to understand them, and to receive from them a teaching on hard work, courage, humility, and virtues.

I want to dedicate myself for my fellow citizens, and I know that the best and most efficient way to do it is to visit families. It is by visiting families as often as possible that I truly am a Pilgrim of St. Michael, totally dedicated, and having forgotten myself.

I am young

I am young and free, without family responsibilities. I become totally dedicated to St. Michael, a full-time Pilgrim of St. Michael. | give all of my time, for years, years of my youth; as long as possible, even perhaps for the rest of my life.

So, I visit families every day, according to the program that is given to me. I visit families, and I train local Pilgrims.

And I invite the young people who are looking for an ideal, who are searching for God, to join us full-time as a Pilgrim of St. Michael. Come, life is beautiful with us. You will enjoy the joy of the truth, the joy of a pure life. It is the joy of Christianity lived in self-dedication and in the Eucharist. It is the joy of being a pilgrim on the road, without money nor staff, without any attachment to worldly things, your soul at peace and your heart filled with fire.

You, young people, who are bored to death in today's world, come and join us. Here you are never bored. Come to fight under the banner of St. Michael the Archangel, the general of the army of Christ, the mighty archangel who triumphed over Satan. Come to meet Christ, your friend, the only leader who deserves to be obeyed. He is the one we can follow until the end of the world, with a cross on our shoulders. He is the only one who will never deceive you.

"God wants it!"

Come and join the ranks of the Pilgrims of St. Michael; come to march towards a better world, that will soon become a reality. "The present generation will see it," said Pope Pius XII.

Pope Pius XII became the herald, the first builder of a better world, with his motto, "God wants it!" A better world, wanted by God, said Pius XII. Don't hesitate! Let yourself be inspired by God who wants it.

"Don't be afraid." These are the words Pope John Paul II used at the beginning of his pontificate, the very words Our Lord repeated to His apostles: These words are aimed at every Christian: Don't be afraid to follow God, to serve Him courageously, to be a joyful witness to Christ in today's world. If you are with God, you have nothing to fear.

Pius XII often talked about the coming of a new springtime for the Church, a new Pentecost, and so does Pope John Paul Il today. We are heading for a promising, luminous, and fruitful era. Here is what Pope Pius XII said on this subject:

"Look around you, O young people, springtime of mankind, springtime of life. Make yours our hope, and tell everyone that we have now reached a springtime in history; may God want it to be one of the most beautiful springs that mankind has ever experienced. After one of the longest and most cruel winters, here is a springtime that precedes one of the richest and most luminous summers."

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