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Our vocation as Pilgrims of St. Michael

Written by Pierre Marchildon on Tuesday, 01 January 2008. Posted in Other Full-Time

Speech of Pierre Marchildon at our 2007 Congress

Pierre MarchildonPierre Marchildon

Here is the translation of the speech that Mr. Pierre Marchildon gave at our International Congress in Rougemont in September, 2007:

Dear Bishops, priests and all Pilgrims of St. Michael,

Speaking for both houses, the St. Michael House and the Immaculate House, I would like to tell you that we love you all! We thank you for coming here for the Congress and the week of study to encourage us in the battle so that we may spread the great light of Social Credit, for social justice and the application of the Social Doctrine of the Church.

We have a great vocation, we the Pilgrims of St. Michael. We are lay people; we have an important apostolate and a great role to play in the times in which we are living. Our Holy Father John Paul II said "the time has come for the laity to evangelize", and he says also "we must recognize the signs of the times."

What is our role, as Pilgrims of St. Michael, as lay people in the Church and society? We have a great role to play, we the laity. In 1987, there was a Synod in Rome on the role and mission of the laity. But the Pope warned the lay faithful to be careful because there are great temptations, and he says that the first temptation is to pre-occupy ourselves so much in the affairs of the Church that by doing so, we neglect our primary role. In other words, we want to take the place of the priests or to perform functions in the Church that are none of our business.

And he says the second temptation is to separate faith from action: we can say that we believe in Our Lord but we do nothing, we do not act. And prayer without action is nothing, so we have to add action to our prayers.

The Pope says that our first role and mission as lay people is to engage ourselves in temporal things and to direct them according to God’s will. This means to put God in the temporal order, in the laws of the countries, in the financial system so that all the institutions are at the service of the people, all of the institutions.

As Pope Benedict XV said, "It is on the economic ground that the salvation of souls is at stake." We must then put order into the financial system, in the economic system, so that all is at the service of souls so that they may someday reach their eternal destiny. This is our objective here.

Spread the social doctrine of the Church

John Paul II also, in his apostolic exhortation of January 1999 on the Church in America, wrote:

"Faced with the grave social problems which, with different characteristics, are present throughout America, Catholics know that they can find in the Church’s social doctrine an answer which serves as a starting-point in the search for practical solutions." There is a solution in the Social Doctrine, a solution of principles.

The Pope continues "Spreading this doctrine is an authentic pastoral priority." A priority today because there is an urgency! It is therefore important "that in America the agents of evangelization (Bishops, priests, teachers, pastoral workers, etc.) make their own this treasure which is the Church’s social teaching." The teaching of the Church, the social doctrine of the Church, is a treasure that was given us because the Church is inspired by the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Father adds: "And those who are inspired by it (the Social Doctrine) become capable of interpreting the present situation and determine the actions to take."

And so, it is very important to know the Social Doctrine of the Church. The Social Doctrine is the principle of justice that give us the right to life. God created me, He gave me life. I then have the right to live this life up until death. These are rights. Also, in the beautiful principles of justice, there is one who says that we have the rights over all the natural riches of the country. We have rights also over all the fruits of today’s modern machinery, of automation. I should have a part of the fruits of automation. And so, if everyone knows of these rights, we can ask for our national dividend. Everyone should receive nice dividend of 700, 800, 900 dollars every month! At least!

As a Catholic, I have a right to know what the Social Doctrine of the Church is. The role of the clergy, pastoral organizations and the schools is to teach it to us, and the role of the laity is to put it into application. We cannot mix up the cards. The clergy cannot meddle in politics or economics, this is not their role. As the Pope says, the role of the clergy is to teach the Social Doctrine and the role of the lay people is to apply it. We are lay people, we have families, we live in society, and we have needs so we must organize ourselves so that the economic order is at the service of the family and the individual.

Pope John Paul II said that the Social Doctrine of the Church is a part of the new evangelization. This is because there is a world problem. Three billion people… but, excuse me, now there are four billion people who live on two dollars per day. I went to Guayaquil, in Ecuador, and I mentioned this to the Archbishop of Guayaquil — by the way, he gave us a nice letter to do the apostolate in Ecuador — and he told me that the number was four billion, that my "statistics were old." So, instead of three billion, it is four billion people who live on two dollars a day.

The United Nations came out with a document that really surprised me because the UN has always worked to control the population of the world through abortion, contraception, euthanasia and other means. So, they admitted, they had to admit, that because of technology today, even if the population has grown four times since 1900, going from 1.5 billion to 6.2 billion, they said "in spite of the fact that the population has increased four times, because of technology, the population has increased the production 20 or 40 times."

So we can feed the entire world 4 or 5 times if we want too because of the goods that we have. So, what is the problem? We can feed the population 5 times and there are 4 billion people who are living under the poverty level. It is a problem of distribution. And the problem of distribution is caused by the lack of money, because without money the goods cannot meet the needs and so we have poverty in front of the abundance.

Pope John Paul II also said: "Can works of charity take care of all the poverty in the world?" We have to do something, because there are many people in the world who are starting to say things like: "How come the Catholic Church does not sell all of its properties? All of its beautiful paintings? How come does it not feed the world?"

I met a man one time in Toronto who was very angry, because he was losing his house. He was very angry against the Church! He said to me: "I have stopped practicing." (He was paying 22% interest on his house, this was in 1981-82.) I said to him: "Sir, who will get your house when you lose it? Will it be the Pope or the banker?"

He thought a bit about it and replied, "Well, it’s the bank!"

"So, why accuse the Church?" It was because he did not know how the banking system works. And so we blame the good people or the Church. This is why we must apply the Social Doctrine of the Church, if not the Church will be the one accused.

We have mountains of products and we can give a dividend to the whole world and feed the world four times. It is not necessary to sell the properties of the Church. But we have to teach the people a bit because they always blame those who do well because the media makes propaganda to support these ideas.

Pope John Paul II says that "our Christian vocation is not only to bring our support to the works of charity, but we are also called to get directly involved in changing the laws and unjust structures that keep people poor and insult and attack God-given human dignity."

We have the dignity of a being that is created in the image of God. It is not only the little works of charity that can take care of all the poverty in the world. The Pope continues "Love is over and above justice, but at the same time, it presupposes justice." (Nov. 8, 1978)

Love pushes justice. Our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, calls for support to "eliminate the structural causes attached to a system that governs the world economy, that gives into the hands of a minority all of the recourses of the planet." All of the resources of the planet are now in the hands of, as he says, "a few people."

John Paul II said the same thing, "Globalization means the loss of sovereignty of national States and leads up to a global system governed by a few centers in the hands of private individuals." (May 17, 2001)

This is where we are going at a hundred miles an hour. The Pope says to "devote ourselves totally to vanquish the plague of hunger, to promote justice and solidarity".

Also Pope Benedict XVI wrote in his first encyclical God is Love that we have to love our neighbor enough "to guarantee to him the necessities of life today, tomorrow, after tomorrow and always."

Guarantee! That is a nice word. The beautiful dividend of Social Credit would guarantee the necessities of life to everyone, and it would really be true love of neighbor. It is more and more urgent because we are getting closer and closer to a world system that wants to control the entire world.

The North American Union

We made a new leaflet on the North American Union. They really want to control all of North America and South America, in making one country with Canada, the United States, Mexico, Central America and South America. They are trying to sell us this under the false pretence that it will create jobs for everyone.

This is not true. Just in the United States, since this has started, about 10 years ago (with NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement), they have already lost 1 million jobs. So, it is not to create jobs but to put all of production and the means of production in the hands of a few big multinationals. It is they who will control everything, everything in the entire world, and here in North America, they are in the process of merging all the countries together.

The United Nations are behind all of this, they want to control all the countries of the world. They have a world constitution and they have taken God out of the constitution, and all of the other institutions of other countries must follow the constitution of the United Nations that is without God, and pushes abortion, contraception, euthanasia, and all the ways to control the population.

At the same time, they want to introduce here in the Americas a new money called the "Amero." In Europe it is the Euro, in America it will be the Amero. When they changed the money in Europe for the Euro, the people who had savings were penalized because it cost a certain amount to have one Euro.

I read an article that said that it could cost us, in Canadian dollars, 8 to 10 dollars per Amero. So, instead of having 100 Ameros, you would only have 10. This devalues our savings, and everybody loses.

Maybe a big part of this money will go to pay the debts due to the Financiers. You know the numbers that they have written in red? We must pay them, we cannot erase them! If we had listened to our Holy Father, Pope John Paul II in 2000, the year of the Jubilee, when he asked to erase the debts of the whole world… instead we have paid them 50 times with compounded interest!

At the same time, the United Nations would very much like that all the world accept the world government, and so they will introduce a "beautiful little world religion." Without God. This will be mostly about the environment and to protect the planet earth because there is a big part who believe that they will come back (reincarnation), we will come back, maybe…like a snake… So (in that case) we need a good environment! We need oxygen!

The environment, the holy environment! The bankers destroy all the countries, all the riches and we do not say a word about it! The big multinationals construct beautiful roads to find the riches in the deep jungles and other places.

Here they want to do the same thing; they want to make a super-highway from the city of Mexico all the way to Canada to transport the products that will come from China and India. We are not capable of producing anything; we left it all to China. It is a way to control, to control everything.

In the last Michael Journal (July-August, 2007), we have published a beautiful article "the False Peace of the Antichrist with a world government". This is what we are heading for. They want to make three groups of countries: Europe, America and Asia. They want to bring with this, maybe, three types of money, the Euro, the Amero, and the ECU for Asia.

In a few years, everything will probably be electronic and in a global system, we will be identified on a global scale, so we would need a small gadget such as a chip so we will be completely controlled. We need Social Credit soon, right away because we are heading straight towards this world plan!

Consecrate yourself to Mary

I mentioned today in the intentions of the Rosary, that it is the 68th anniversary of World War I. The Blessed Virgin at Fatima asked us to pray, to say the Rosary, and She asked us to make sacrifices, to repent, but we did not listen to Her because we had a second World War, She said that in 1917.

And now, it is possible that we will have another war, because we are not converting, we pass laws like the same-sex marriages and so we bring ourselves closer to Sodom and Gomorrah. It is the fire of Heaven that will come to purify us.

Also, in 1917, Major Clifford Hugh Douglas invented the wonderful philosophy of Social Credit. We didn’t really listen to him either, because we did not put Social Credit into application.

It was the same thing with the messages of the Blessed Virgin, so we are going down more and more. We must ask the help of Heaven. We must consecrate ourselves to the Immaculate Heart of Mary so that we have the strength to continue to fight against the forces of evil.

The Blessed Virgin gave us a little message; she gives us messages everywhere throughout the world. Heaven is concerned because the human family is living in sin. The Blessed Virgin said that sin is becoming a way of life, we no longer see the difference between good and evil! This is why there is no one who goes to Confession; we are all "saints". No more sin.

But the Blessed Virgin has a plan. Oh, it’s a good thing that we have Heaven to help us, to wake us up! The Blessed Virgin has a plan; she says that she has her work of mercy for the final battle. There is a plan in Heaven. The devil has a plan, but it is only a little black cloud that is passing. The Blessed Virgin has a plan. She said "at Fatima, I will show my Immaculate Heart as the means of salvation for all of humanity. I have traced the road to return to God. Prayers, penance, and conversion. No-one has listened to me." The Blessed Virgin said it herself.

"Now, I want to offer you my Immaculate Heart as your only refuge in the sorrowful moments that are waiting for you." She showed us her Heart at Fatima, but now she tells us: "I offer you my Heart. So, it is the total consecration to Jesus by Mary, one hundred percent. We must consecrate ourselves 100% if we really want her Immaculate Heart to triumph.

Jacek Morawa and Pierre Marchildon

Jacek Morawa and Pierre Marchildon


We have to do like Saint Maximilian Kolbe, consecrate ourselves totally. He would ask the Blessed Virgin every day; "let me know you more, good Blessed Virgin, so that I may give myself to you more each day." John Paul II was totally consecrated to the Blessed Virgin. He accomplished a lot. It is the Blessed Virgin who brought him all over the world. He was shot at, he was sick, with all kinds of problems, but he went forward anyway! He went everywhere. He was totally consecrated.

I know another who was totally consecrated, it was our founder, Louis Even. Totally consecrated to the Blessed Mother. Major Douglas said that his greatest apostle for Social Credit was Louis Even. It was he who went on the road to teach the beautiful light of Social Credit everywhere.

Here is a message that maybe will help us: the Blessed Virgin said that "The time has come and I hope to live in you, and to manifest myself in you. I want to love with your heart". The Blessed Virgin says that if we consecrate ourselves to her one hundred percent, she will live in our heart and she will make our hearts like the heart of a mother.

Because the Blessed Virgin is the mother of humanity, so she will make our hearts like her own and she wants to save all souls, because they are all her children. So she wants to live in our hearts, she says: "I want to see with your eyes, I want to console and encourage with your lips…"

We must speak with our brothers and sisters who are going on the road to perdition. We must say, "Hey, come back, there is a beautiful Heaven after life." We do not believe in Heaven, we no longer believe in Hell to begin with and after we doubt that there is a heaven, so we live like cats and dogs. We are simply buried and it finishes there.

The Blessed Virgin says "I want to walk with your feet." This means that we must be apostles, missionaries. "And suffer with your crucified body." She keeps going, the Blessed Virgin, she is not afraid to tell us to our face.

We must go. We must give ourselves to the Blessed Virgin and she will ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten us, to inspire us and make us into apostles of fire. We must then really live our vocation every day. It is the Immaculate Heart of Mary that will triumph and she says, "You the consecrated, you are the apostles of the last days."

But, what is it that we can do as Pilgrims of St. Michael in the times in which we are living? Well, our apostolate is the visit of the families. We visit the families to bring the Rosary back into the families, we pray with them a decade of the Rosary, we ask them to return to Church. We can do much good when we visit the families.

We can also spread many leaflets, we are asking you to cover Canada, the United States and Mexico with the beautiful leaflet on the North American Union. We can also do meetings in prayer groups, and also with our friends. In the meetings, we can explain our work and we can give more explanations.

On top of that, we must solicit subscriptions to the journal, to do all that is possible to see to it that the journal gets into the families, so that there is some follow-up, because we cannot go to the prayer groups every week or every month. The journal can go in every family, in all the regions of the world.

I want to give you a small example of what one leaflet can do, only one leaflet: twenty years ago, I was in Africa in the Democratic Republic of Congo, in Lubumbashi. In one village where Bishop Nestor Ngoy was in those days, in 1987. He was teaching in the seminary, I didn’t know him then. My companion and I did the apostolate where we could and we spread the leaflets, and after that we came home. But twenty years later, in 2007, Bishop Ngoy is here among us. He told me that in 1987 he received a leaflet in Congo, and after he was subscribed to the journal, because we send it to all the bishops. We sow the seeds and God makes them grow, with the Holy Spirit. But we must sow them. Our role, like that of all Catholics, is to bear witness to truth and justice, every one; we are called to be witnesses.

Now, we are going to pass around a paper that you can sign to take a certain amount of subscriptions for the year. We can solicit them among our friends, those we know, we can do door-to-door, go to meetings. There are all kinds of ways to solicit subscriptions to the journal. Sometimes, instead of talking about the weather, we can talk about the journal, about the beautiful things that are written in it. The leaflets, we can pass them and when you pass them, there are those who send in their subscription.

We are asking you now to sign your pledge. We should have 100,000 subscribers next year, with a journal like we have! And after we’ve attained the 100,000 subscribers, we only have to take 10 subscriptions each and we can bring the total up to one million!

With all the means that we have, with electronic mail and everything you can send us your small reports, telling us of your distribution, what you have done. It encourages us when we see that the battle is going on, it is encouraging to see that the movement is spreading all over the world.

More and more we have decided apostles who are continuing the battle with us. We need you because alone we cannot do the battle. We do not do a battle alone; we need a group, an army. We congratulate you for being here and I ask God to bless you in the new year (that goes from one Congress to another). Next year, bring new people to the Congress and the week of study. Do not give up the battle, we must leave more than ever decided to make the year 2007-2008 one of the most beautiful years.

The Holy Spirit will make us into apostles of fire, pushing us to the apostolate everywhere, in all the corners of the world. If there are young people who would like to give themselves for one or two years, there are things to do. Put it in your program to give some time, it is very pleasant; there are people everywhere who are waiting for you. I could go in 15 countries if I wanted tomorrow with all of the invitations that I have received! Do not give up! May God bless you! Thank you.

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