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My mission in Paraguay

on Tuesday, 01 April 2008. Posted in Expansion

A warm welcome to all our readers of the Michael Journal! Last year, we had a marvelous experience of apostolate in the beautiful country of Paraguay in South America. This experience was followed by the arrival of four young people from that country who came to stay with us in Rougemont, to work and study for six months at the House of St. Michael where the full-time Pilgrims live.

The four Paraguayans are: Christian Manuel Torres Vera, 25 years old, Jorge Guillen Portillo, 22, Miguel Angel Vera Ovilar, 20, and Lourdes Mabel Ruiz Diaz Aguilera, 17. I returned to Paraguay with these four young people to teach Social Credit in their country, to continue to work in the Diocese of Ciudad del Este, with the goal of advancing the Work of the Michael Journal that I began last year with Paola Santamaria. Christian, Miguel and Lourdes have signed up to work for us full-time in their country.

I had the pleasure of spending all of the month of February with them. We were able to do the Rosary Crusade, an apostolate that consists of visiting and praying with the families. We present our work on social justice and take time afterwards to explain a bit to them.

We were invited to go to two radio stations, Itaper and XTO, where the radio hosts are our friends. We spoke there as well about our beautiful work and the importance of vanquishing poverty in the world.

At one of the homes that we visited, a good man invited us to his parish that was a bit far from the village. We went to visit him three times, and so were able to know him better and to really appreciate the simplicity (and extreme poverty) in which the people live, and their language as well.

We held different meetings and conferences in order to expose the nonsense of the creation and monopolization of money to these people who are expoited by High Finance, and give the solution of Credit Social that would distribute the riches of the country by a dividend to each person, in order that each would have the minimum necessary to live.

We had sent a container of 700,000 leaflets and journals to Paraguay, so we had an ample supply of leaflets that we stored in Lourdes' house. We were then able to leave them everywhere we went, in the churches, and in the homes; we also gave packs to those who will help us to distribute them.

It was with much regret that I left the red earth of Paraguay, but I left with the consolation of knowing that our young people are decided in their efforts to continue the Work of Michael, with the help of their friends who have joined with them and with other good people who share our ideal.

Lucie Parenteau

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