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Homage to "Michael" from a bishop of Rwanda

on Friday, 01 January 1999. Posted in Pilgrims of St. Michael

(translated from the French)

Butare, October 22, 1998

To the Director of "Michael"

Rougemont, Que., Canada


Dear Director,

It is with deep respect that I pay you my homage, and I am happy to give you my thoughts about the "Michael" Journal.

Yes, I have been receiving this journal for a long time, and I appreciate its contents. On certain things, we must feel concerned, and think and pray to find solutions in the order of the service of God, and in keeping with our cause of serving Christ. So if write to you, it is to let you know that I appreciate your journal, and that I use what I read as a teaching, to communicate with others, to get people interested in the cause of the Church of Christ, and to create a firm will to take advantage of its messages to increase our attachment to Christ, "Ad Tuendam Fidem" (to defend the Faith).

Beloved Director, I thank you, as well as those who allowed me and many others to receive this journal, and above all this sharing, this humanism between Christians. All of this shows how we are an integral part of the message of the Gospel — a spirit of abandonment and self-abnegation.

Dear Director, I thank you once again, and I assure you and all the benefactors of "Michael" of my prayers, loyalty, and liking for your journal.

Most Rev. Jean Baptiste Gahamanyi

Emeritus Bishop of Butare Rwanda, Africa

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