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Encounter in California

Written by Marie-Anne Jacques on Monday, 01 June 2009. Posted in Pilgrims of St. Michael

During the end of the month of April and the beginning of May, I had the privilege to go to California to do a tour of apostolate with a friend of mine from Massachusetts. During our three-week stay, we were able to hold meetings and meet many of the people who have been loyal subscribers for many years. Our first meeting was held in Los Angeles, with a Filipino group led by Dr. Isabelita Vasquez. There were about 25 people who attended, many of whom were interested in the Social Credit proposals and on starting local systems in the Los Angeles area. During that first meeting, we sold all the books we had on "From Debt to Prosperity" and "Gloria Polo."

The Legion of Mary at Los Angeles
Meeting with a Legion of Mary group in Los Angeles

During our conference we stressed the urgency of our times, and the continued loss of freedom that we are now experiencing around the world, especially in the United States. We spoke about what is happening with the financial crisis, introducing Social Credit as the solution to the problem through the local systems. We explained to them how we could start with local coupon fairs, as a means of demonstrating a practical way how the local systems would work. We also told them about the upcoming "New World Order," many people are very much aware of this, especially the people from the prayer groups.

In Montebello, we met with Mr. Jesus Mendez, who manages a leaflet depot located inside his store. He is truly doing a great work for the movement, spreading our leaflets in Spanish and English to his customers. Mr. Mendez told us he would like to receive another pallet of leaflets in the very near future, because there is such a high demand he cannot supply them fast enough. During our three week stay in California, he passed out over 35,000 leaflets to his patrons.

We then packed our small car with leaflets, and continued north towards the beautiful town of Santa Maria, where we met with a parish priest who took our leaflets. We also met with other contacts from the area who were very happy to receive the "Pilgrims from Canada".

After this, we did several meetings in Thousand Oaks, San Fernando, Valencia, Camarillo, and the surrounding areas. The personal contact with the people is so important to our work and many people really love our movement. It is very encouraging to see how these people are holding on to their faith despite the problems they are experiencing, not only with the financial crisis, but also the fact that the Catholic faith in California is diminishing dramatically. It was very uplifting to see the simple yet fervent faith of the Latino population who live in this community.

During the last few days of our stay we were privileged to work with Virginia Ahumada, one of our apostles in Sylmar, California. Although she has many other commitments, she gave us a few days to help us with our apostolate. We distributed leaflets at the "Swap Meet", which is a huge flea market in San Fernando. We met good contacts there; it was a very interesting experience because this would be an ideal place to start a local Social Credit system.

We stayed a few nights also with the Aquilar family in San Fernando; Mrs. Adolfo Aquilar is doing a very wonderful apostolate, right inside her home. She receives many calls for the "San Miguel" leaflets and mails the orders out to the people almost every day.

We would like to thank all of those people in California who received us with same warmth as the beautiful California sun. You are a treasure for our movement, with your apostolate activity and your generous hospitality. We will remain united in prayer, and keep all of you in our hearts. May God bless you!

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