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A message of Bishop Benjamin Almoneda

on Friday, 01 September 2006. Posted in Congress

Here is the message that Fr. Norberto Eyule read at our Congress in Rougemont, Sept. 2, 2006, on behalf of Bishop Benjamin Almoneda, of the Diocese of Daet, in the Philippines:

A message to all my friends of the St. Michael Pilgrims on the occasion of the International Congress in Rougemont and to all the delegates from all over the world: MABUHAY, to all of you as I join all praying for its success and continued fruitfulness!!! If not for my weak and unstable physical health, I could have the immense joy of participating and sharing the many blessings God and the Blessed Mother will pour on the people gathered on September 2-4 and the week of study on the beautiful gift of the Social Credit program that is spreading throughout the world literally like fire. Thank God for His merciful love.

For more than one year, I have been preparing to come and join this Congress. However, my plans cannot be realized. But God's plan cannot be stopped.

On September 2, the Diocese of Daet will launch the Lord's Bank throughout the diocese. It will coincide with the 32nd Anniversary of the Diocese of Daet. Finally, after some years of study and prayer together with our priests and lay leaders, we think we are ready now to implement God's plan to witness the life of the Church of the poor that is patterned after the Poor of Yahweh referring to the "remnants" of God's People who had nothing to depend on but God Himself.

Therefore, as you are gathered on September 2 for the International Congress, we will also gather here in Daet to accompany you and fullfill the ideals of Social Credit as a way to grow as an authentic Church. If Social Credit promises to lead us to realize a vision of practical Christianity, then we are on the road to actually achieve the authentic Church.

Our delegate in the person of the Rev. Fr. Norberto Eyule, the Social Action Director of our diocese, will present to the assembly our program implementing Social Credit. With his presentation, I hope that I will be present among you. May the Lord inspire all the participants coming from all over the world, and I pray that each one will taste the fullfilment of the Kingdom of God. PEACE BE WITH YOU!



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