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The “Gardasil Girls”

on Monday, 01 March 2010. Posted in Vaccines

Steffanee Richardson (Hallsville, Missouri)

My daughter Steffanee's (see picture at right) illnesses started after she had completed her three Gardasil vaccinations. The first was in August of 2008, the second in November of the same year, and the final vaccination in January of 2009. Her problems started on February 2, 2009. Over a period of time, she had four emergency room visits at the University of Missouri, Columbia, and the Mayo Clinic, Minnesota. Her many symptoms included: headaches, panic attacks, breathlessness, throat closing up, brain fog, fatigue, severe joint and muscle pain and spasms, severe knee pain, no energy, non-epileptic seizures, twitches, neurological disorder with uncontrollable muscle movements, jerking of limbs and entire body. Prior to receiving the Gardasil vaccine, Staffanee had been a very active young woman.

On Feb 2, 2009, we got a call from her school; Steffanee was having severe seizures, screaming in pain. This was the first time I had ever seen anything like that. It started with muscle spasms in her back. It was like that for 6 weeks, ambulance rides and in and out of hospitals and emergency rooms. Her life has been on hold for about 5 months. She sleeps a lot. She is very fatigued most of the time. Her personality changed through all this. I'm sure it's because she was in so much pain. I hope and pray every single day that these seizures will stop, that this Gardasil vaccine will get out of her system, and let her have her life back.

Bridget Boyce (Cary, North Carolina)

My 17-year-old daughter Bridget (see picture at left) was a happy and healthy young woman prior to vaccination of Gardasil. She received her first vaccination of Gardasil on January 23, 2007. She received a single dose on April 4, 2007 and her final vaccination (Gardasil) took place on July 25, 2007. She was first diagnosed with pneumonia in July of 2007 which resulted in an emergency room visit to Wake Medical Hospital in Cary, North Carolina. Her symptoms included; hair loss, chronic sinus infections, migraines, weight gain, dizziness and brain fog (complaints of dyslexia), and severe PMS symptoms. By November of 2007, she was experiencing changes in her menstrual cycle. In December of 2008, Bridget had to be admitted to the emergency room at Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, OH with diarrhea and vomiting, and this re-occurred again in August of 2009 and she had to return to the emergency room.

Let me begin by saying that when my daughter first had pneumonia in the summer of 2007, I thought she was going to die. It was so severe that she was on oxygen at the emergency room and at home. I had to continuously pound on her back to help break up the mucus. Several months later, I knew something was terribly wrong when my previously healthy 19-year-old was continuously ill with migraines, sinus infections, and menstrual changes (she was starting menopause at age 19 because of Gardasil).

This vaccine has robbed my daughter of her best years in college. She has struggled to get good grades over the past two years. She would often call me in tears because the fatigue was so overwhelming. I am optimistic about her future but deathly afraid of the unknown issues from this vaccine.

Gabi Swank (Wichita, Kansas)

February 17, 2009: About a year ago, Gabi Swank (photo at right) and her mom did what many young girls and their moms are doing right now. They went to the doctor and ask him to give Gabi the series of three Gardisal injections to prevent cervical cancer. After the third injection, Gabi began passing out, having seizures, heart issues and various other medical issues.

August 4, 2009: Gabi is diagnosed with central nervous system vasculitis, as her entire nervous system is effected by inflammation. She also has central nervous system lupus.

August 21, 2009: Gabi spent last Friday in the emergency room. She experienced a grand mal seizure and several petite mal seizures lasting for a continued 6 hour duration. Gabi was in and out of conciousness and stopped breathing.

February 17, 2010: Gabi's health is continuing to deteriorate. The medicines and treatments are no longer providing relief. The IVIG (Intravenous immunoglobulin) infusions are not providing the results they had hoped; her body is not responding well to them at all. She continues to remain strong and smile.

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