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Gardasil : A deadly poison

on Monday, 01 March 2010. Posted in Vaccines

Vaccines : PoisonThe Gardasil vaccine was made to treat 4 of the 100 strains of the human papillomavirus. Over 50 million doses have been distributed to females from 9 to 26 years old worldwide, even though only 2 percent of undiagnosed HPV infections lead to cervical cancer.

The National Vaccine Information Center, a vaccine-safety non-profit organization, compared Gardasil to the meningitis vaccine, since both are given to the same age group. Gardasil’s reported side effects were 30 times higher. And it prompted over 5,000 emergency room visits – three times more than the meningitis vaccine.

Gardasil was quickly passed through the Federal Drug Administration and approved for use, even though testing was incomplete. In 2006, many physicians complained that the HPV vaccination program was implemented before enough testing was done. The reason for this is that Merck Pharmaceuticals was the sole provider of an HPV vaccine with its Gardasil product at that time. The competing HPV vaccine, Glaxo Smith Kline’s Cervarix, hit the market in January, 2008. As more children were vaccinated with Gardasil, fewer would be able to later receive the necessary repeat boosters of a competing, incompatible vaccine.

To date, Merck has been making an enormous profit on this drug. For the second quarter of 2009, they posted total sales of $269 million dollars. Incidentally, Merck has done such a good job scaring parents into immunizing their daughters that in the United States only, 23 million doses have been given. They even give it to immigrants before they receive their green card!

Dr. Diane Harper, who helped Gardasil get FDA approval, told CBS News, “Gardasil has been associated with at least as many serious adverse events as there are deaths from cervical cancer each year.” (August 19, 2009). Dr. Harper is a former paid consultant to Merck. Even though both the FDA and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention collect a certain amount of data to create the statistics for the side effects of drugs, it is estimated that only 10 percent of the cases are actually reported.

Nevertheless, this drug has been touted by the FDA and the CDC as a “safe” drug. One could ask, “safe for whom?” Incidentally, the FDA did not finish the testing of Gardasil until September 30, 2009, two years after the drug was already on the market!

So far the CDC has reported 32 deaths caused by the vaccine. Of course, we know that this is not the correct number, but even so, it gives us an idea of how deadly the side effects are.

The side effects include: headaches, nausea, fainting and dizzy spells, blood clots, numbness, seizures, paralysis, Guillian-Barre Syndrome and Lou Gehrig’s disease-type symptoms.

When Judical Watch, a government watchdog organization, tried to investigate the statistics of the death toll taken by Gardasil, the FDA refused to release the data – until they were forced to by a Freedom of Information lawsuit.

A June 16 analysis of VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) by Judicial Watch found 47 deaths. In a June 22 press release, the group stated that in one year’s time, VAERS reports show 235 cases of permanent disability and 147 cases of “spontaneous abortion” because the vaccine had also been given to pregnant women.

A research journalist from Illinois named Cynthia Janak has done a lot of checking up on the Gardasil vaccine and its effects. Janak reports that she “spoke to 10 to 12 of the moms’ of the 48 girls who died, and found one very disturbing commonality. Many of these girls had foamy mucus in their lungs, nose and throats; some had blood in the mucus. We believe these girls may have been pre-exposed to HPV as children, and because of this, the ‘challenge and re-challenge’ nature of the three-shot regimen set up a situation where the body’s immune system goes crazy and the lungs fill up with fluid. No one in the vaccine organizations is talking about this.”

Gardasil also contains Polysorbate 80, an additive that acts as a contraceptive. Tests done on lab rats proved to cause infertility and deformation of the reproductive organs. (See our article on the Nov-Dec 2009 issue for more information on Polysorbate 80.)

Janak says that some of the girls who were vaccinated with Gardasil have erratic menstrual cycles, with massive bleeding and pain. A few cases also report seeing the formation of ovarian cysts. The results of this research show that many girls who were healthy and active, or had a serious weight problem were those most likely to be affected.

You may recall that early on in 2006, Merck pharmaceutical company went from state to state passing out bundles of money to legislators and governors in an attempt to have mandatory vaccine legislation passed. All the legislators who mandated Gardasil vaccinations in their state were given large donations to help them in political activity. We will mention here: Texas, received $158,143; and Virginia, $135,750.

Tom Fitton, the president of Judicial Watch, states: “The FDA adverse event reports on the HPV vaccine read like a catalog of horrors… The already serious problems associated with Gardasil seem to be getting worse. No one should require this vaccine for young children.”

– Editorial Staff


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