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Families must go into exile

Written by Gilberte Côté-Mercier on Wednesday, 01 August 2001. Posted in Other topics

A serious problem in many countries is the depopulation of rural areas in favor of big urban centers. People leave their farms and the pieces of land developed by their ancestors to move to the big cities, where they think they will have more opportunities to find a job and support their families. But the fact is that most of them won't improve their lot, and will only increase the number of unemployed people in the cities.

Two teams of our Pilgrims went to do apostolate work in areas of the province of Quebec that are far away from big centers: the Gaspe Peninsula and the North Shore. These two areas are facing the same depopulation problem. Young people cannot find a job and see no future in the land of their ancestors, so they are forced to move to the big cities. They must "go into exile" to earn their daily bread. The various levels of governments even contributed to this exile, by closing or merging many towns in the Gaspe area; they want to turn it into a tourist area, with no industries. They would like to put an end to all the efforts of several generations to develop these "remote" areas.

This is a very sad situation that brought Mrs. Côté-Mercier to write the following article, in which she brings an economic solution to put an end to this forced exile.

by Gilberte Côté-Mercier

Where are those responsible?

This distressing drama of families chased out of the land of their ancestors gives us food for thought. Families, that were in the past owners, are now tenants, wandering strangers in the land of their forefathers. It is sad to see cultivated land being abandoned.

There is something even more distressing in this picture, a kind of poverty that is not always discerned: it is the infamy of a society that allows such injustice to take place. A society that destroys towns, that chases out families from the land of their forefathers, is a society in a state of mortal sin. If this society does not amend, it will soon be totally ruined by its own sins.

There might be very wealthy people who will read these lines and say: "This is sad, but this is not my problem. Fortunately enough, I am not the victim!" Well, you are not yet the victim, but you are guilty, the accomplice of this sinful society.

Society is not an abstraction nor a telegraph post. It is made up of human beings. So there must be people responsible for the injustices of society.

Who are those responsible? Everybody! We are all responsible, especially those among us who have more means and powers, but who do not use them to correct injustices. Those who have money, who are more educated, who have some prestige, who hold power, are responsible for social injustices.


More often, these categories of people that I have just mentioned above are too selfish to see Communism invading our countryside, towns, and nations. For chasing families out of their homes, seizing their lands, and eliminating towns, is really Communism.

People are afraid of Communism and of the One-World Government, which is Communism installed on a global scale, for two reasons: first, Communism is atheistic; it denies the existence of God. It removes any reason for people to exist, since we are destined to be with God in Heaven forever. For this reason, one must fight Communism.


But there is another flaw in Communism, another reason to fight it: it denies private property. It deprives individuals and families of what is rightfully theirs; owners of the past are turned into tenants, workers, slaves, prisoners.

Is this not what is taking place now in our countries? The Faith is being destroyed. Family property is being destroyed. Many families have been chased out of their lands in the Gaspe area, whole towns have been emptied of people and closed down, and one continues to eliminate towns with mergers. This policy is applied in other regions as well.

We are really witnessing Communist policies being implemented. Your father was probably an owner, and so was your grandfather, for everybody was an owner in that time. This country, our country, was discovered and developed by our ancestors. They cleared the land, cultivated it, developed it from generation to generation, and bequeathed it to their children. Logically, you should own more things than your ancestors, since the country has developed, become richer, with more farms and houses, thanks to them. Well, it is just the opposite that is taking place. You have become tenants on the property of your ancestors, even though you are their legitimate heirs. You are even forced to go continuously into exile to earn a living and support your family. You are not even tenants; you have become homeless, wandering Canadians.

The financial system is guilty

Who created this state of affairs? Who is the real culprit? Who is chiefly to blame for such a disorder? It is the present swindling financial system.

Do you know what the present financial system does? Listen to me: as workers develop our country, the financial system inscribes the wealth of the nation as liabilities, as debts on the backs of the workers who have built the nation. This is a fact! In the bank ledgers of the nation, the wealth produced by the Canadians is recorded as liabilities, as debts on the backs of the Canadian population, but as assets for the bankers. Do you understand this swindle? Our banking system is working upside down. Any improvement, production of new wealth, is not recorded as new assets, but as liabilities!

The richer our country physically gets, the deeper into debt it financially gets. You, workers and farmers, produce the real wealth. But the bankers represent your work as debts, liabilities for you, and assets for them. This is false bookkeeping. The new wealth you produce must be inscribed as new assets for you, and not as liabilities. Do you understand this? The richer our country, the bigger its debt. This does not make sense! It is because our banking system operates upside down. This is done purposely to make the Financiers richer, and rob the population.

The population is being robbed of its credit by the Financiers. This is what the Social Crediters of the "Michael" Journal say.

Today, we live in a system of banking credit, where all money, or credit, is created by the banks, and is the property of the banks. We need a social credit system, where all money, or credit, is created by society. Then, any increase in the real wealth of the nation would mean dividends to its citizens, the shareholders of the country, instead of more debts and taxes. With today's technology and modern means of production, and with a financial system in keeping with reality, all our debts and taxes should disappear, and be replaced by dividends to every citizen. This would allow families to keep their homes, farms, and towns.

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