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Dangerous entertainment

on Saturday, 01 August 2009. Posted in Musique

Satanic rock music


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Nominated for the Nobel Prize in the field of medicine by the Paris Institute of Sciences, Simone Morabito is one of Italy’s leading psychiatrists. Among other things, his book Psichiatra all’inferno (Psychiatry in Hell) deals with the influence of satanic rock music on the human mind.

For over thirty years Dr. Morabito has been carrying out research in the fields of psychiatry and internal diseases. Many young people seek his counsel and treatment. Many of them were once excellent students, but at a certain point in their lives began to experience mental and spiritual problems. They lost interest in life, work, and study, their will weakened, and their intelligence became dulled.

They began to suffer from various neuroses, depression, pessimism, and a loss of self-confidence. Bereft of initiative, they had difficulty in making decisions, tired quickly, and were unable to carry out their day-to-day tasks either at work or in school. Morabito discovered that the crisis in their lives arose when they began to frequent discos regularly and listen to heavy satanic rock music.

Morabito argues that music is a tool of communication capable of the shaping of the thoughts, attitudes, and behaviour of its listeners. It suggests to the subconscious mind new ideas, which people accept as their own without realizing the harm and danger that these may represent.

Music with an anti-Christian and satanic message destroys the self-preservation instinct, which is necessary for normal life. The lyrics of many songs, such as Highway to Hell, Die Young – Die Pretty, Destroy Yourself, and The Suicide Solution, are explicit invitations to commit suicide, to give oneself over to the service of Satan. Small wonder, then, that among people listening to such music the thought of suicide becomes an obsession.

"For us psychiatrists [Satanic rock music] is like a slow-acting, highly effective poison. Our medical journals inform us that in recent years 5000 young people in the USA have taken their lives. I am convinced that one of the chief causes is satanic rock music that promotes the taking of one’s life."

Morabito claims that the scientific explanation for the deadly effects of such music must be sought in the human subconscious mind. The fact is that if the human mind receives an idea below the auditory threshold, it receives that idea as if it came from the personal "I." The Devil knows this psychological law very well and takes advantage of it to seduce people and lead them astray. Essentially, every satanic temptation is conveyed to us in a highly seductive way at the subconscious level. If a person believes these evil suggestions and gives in to them, he is led to acting on them in the form of sin, which wreaks terrible destruction on the human spirit as well as on his relations with God and others.

Many rock songs poison the natural subconscious mind, causing it to confuse certain subconscious thoughts and rhythms and thus destroy the personal "I" and the human soul. Dr. Morabito stresses that the human person is free only when it enjoys autonomy of thought, action, desire, and love. But the messages conveyed by satanic work lead to the destruction of the person’s autonomy and thus enslave him through the power of evil. For example, the song Stairway to Heaven contains the suggestion that Satan is God, and that it is he who saves.

The song Hot Summer Night expresses a longing to follow Satan. And even if one does not believe in the existence of the Evil One and yet listens to this kind of music, the negative message contained in it becomes coded in the subconscious mind, prompting it to hate God and other people, to commit murder, sexual license, prostitution, theft, suicide, etc. If a person freely gives himself over to the power of evil, his life becomes a nightmare of satanic enslavement.

One of Morabito’s female patients, who experienced the worst form of demonic possession, admitted that her appalling condition started with her going to discos. The woman was freed from this terrible enslavement only after enduring four years of the most unspeakable torments, undergoing about one hundred exorcisms, making regular confessions, praying constantly, and receiving the Eucharist daily.

Many young people are unaware that the creators of techno music are Satanists and that many rock bands sing satanic lyrics. Aside from the satanic and negative messages that are so harmful to the life of the soul, disco frequenters expose themselves to both mental and physical harm through the deafening noise (110-112 decibels above what is humanly bearable), the blinding stroboscopic lights as well as through alcohol and narcotics. All these stimulants cause irreversible changes in the brain, destroying its cells. On top of this, they release rushes of adrenaline and heighten sexual arousal, which in turn lead to various forms of aggression, including rape.

Holy Scripture warns us that we must avoid "every form of evil" (1 Thes 5:22). For the Christian, satanic music and discotheques featuring this kind of music are an obvious evil. Thus to listen to these works and to frequent places where they may be heard is to expose oneself to the mortal danger of enslavement to sin and the powers of evil. We must never willingly enter the territory of Satan’s works, for the consequences of such a decision will be truly tragic!

Dr. Morabito, who has attended hundreds of exorcisms conducted by priests known for their great experience and holiness, states: "There exists a misterium iniquitatis (mystery of evil), there exists Satan, the enemy of all, and no form of psychoanalysis or any other scientific concept is able to deny it, unless of course the scientist is ill-intentioned. Contra factum non datur argumentum. (Against facts there are no arguments.) Science must surrender to what is visible to the eyes. Satan exists, he is among us, constantly leading people astray and enslaving all those who through sin freely give themselves over to his power." During exorcisms, Satan is forced by the power of Christ to reveal his presence visibly.

Fr. Mieczyslaw Piotrowski SChr

Used with the permission of Love One Another Magazine


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