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For the 25 years of pontificate of John Paul II 7 million copies of the letter on the Rosary were distributed

on Friday, 01 August 2003. Posted in News

The humble gift of the Pilgrims of St. Michael

Most Holy Father,

The Pilgrims of St. Michael wanted to offer to you, on the occasion of your 25 years of pontificate, a year of dedication to print and distribute, in the entire world, 7 million copies of your great apostolic letter on the Rosary, "Rosarium Virginis Mariae", in English, French, Polish, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese. With this humble contribution of ours, we hope that your apostolic letter will "not go unheard", as you wrote.

Through distribution companies, we had 2.5 million copies distributed in the homes of the province of Quebec, so ravaged by secularism. In Our Lady's plans, this "rain of the Rosary" (distribution) coincided with the arrival of the new and highly estimated Primate of the Canadian Church, Archbishop Marc Ouellet of Quebec City.

Also in Quebec, leaflet distribution assaults are organized by families of our Movement every month, on various cities, with 50 people or more. Other people cover their areas voluntarily, on weekdays and weekends.

In Ontario, Mrs. Lyne Mason took the initiative of asking priests to distribute it at the entrance of churches, or put it on shelves with other religious magazines, and the priests accept eagerly. The Sudbury area is covered by our apostles, the Paul-Emile Julien family and their team. In areas that cannot be covered by our apostles, we have recourse to distribution companies, to make sure that every home in Canada will receive a copy of your apostolic letter.

A copy was sent to every parish of Western Canada. Many priests ordered from us copies for their parishioners. The Maritimes are also covered by private companies and by apostles. One day, they were 81 volunteers of our Movement.

In the U.S.A., 1.5 million copies so far have been distributed in various States. The demand was so great that the house of Mr. and Mrs. Yves Jacques in Massachusetts looked like a post office. The Larochelle, Boulrice, and Jacques families largely helped in this distribution. In Boston, Messrs. Sacco and Barresi distributed 100,000 copies.

All over the world

A container with 700,000 copies was sent to Ecuador, in South America, plus orders from six dioceses of this country. Another container of 800,000 copies was sent to Mexico, besides orders from 10 Mexican dioceses.

A copy of your apostolic letter, in leaflet form, was sent by us to all the Bishops in the world, in English, French, Spanish, or Italian, offering them to order the quantity they could distribute. So far, 140 dioceses from every continent have ordered from us a total of 670,000 copies, and orders keep coming in.

Cardinal Cipriani Thorne of Lima, Peru, ordered 50,000 copies, and 9 other dioceses of Peru also ordered copies. The Bishop of Concordia, Argentina, ordered 50,000, and 8 other Argentinian dioceses also ordered leaflets from us. Bishop Alberto Giraldo Jamarillo, of Columbia, ordered 100,000 copies for the Marian Year 2003-2004 decreed in his diocese. 5 other dioceses of this country also ordered leaflets.

24 dioceses of Brazil ordered a total of over 100,000 copies. 100,000 copies were also sent to France, Archbishop Andoh of Accra, Ghana, received 90,000 copies, 4 other dioceses of Ghana also ordered copies. 125,000 copies had been sent before to our representative in Accra, Mr. Joseph Hooper.

Everything is offered free of charge, including shipping, thanks to our benefactors and the dedication of our volunteers who work at our print shop.

The aim of the Pilgrims of St. Michael is to put an end to the scandal of poverty, as Your Holiness wishes. We propose an economic system that will distribute the present abundance of goods, and put an end to the bankers' debt-money system that strangles governments, businesses, workers, and families. Like St. Dominic, we rely on the Queen of Heaven and the power of the Rosary to convert the mighty and to put an end to the paradox of poverty amidst plenty.

Humbly and respectfully, we prostrate ourselves at your feet, Your Holiness, to receive your apostolic blessing, and we ask God to keep you for still many more years on the throne of Peter, to be the shepherd of all Christians, and lead them to the green pasture of justice, peace, and the eternal homeland in Heaven.

The Pilgrims of St. Michael

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