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“Without Me, you can do Nothing”

Written by Alain Pilote on Tuesday, 01 October 2019. Posted in Editorial

In the previous issue of MICHAEL, we highlighted the importance for all who call themselves Catholics or Christians to work to establish justice, so that the will of God is done “on earth as it is in Heaven” as we repeat so often in the Lord’s Prayer. In this issue, we note that the Church has teachings on social justice which emphasize that the goods of the earth have been created for all human beings and that all should have access to, at least, what is needed to live. As Fr. Henri Boulad said: “Can I have liberty or freedom if I have nothing to eat?”

In his 1967 encyclical letter Populorum Progressio (on the development of peoples), St. Paul VI said: “More than any other, the individual who is animated by true charity labours skilfully to discover the causes of misery, to find the means to combat it and overcome it resolutely”. It is this form of true charity which inspires the apostles of MICHAEL. Thanks to C. H. Douglas and Louis Even, we know the cause of poverty in the world: the current financial system where all money is created as debt. We also know the remedy: the financial proposals called Social Credit, or Economic Democracy.

Some folks think that religion should not be concerned with justice. Others hold a more absurd view, namely that God, religion and spiritual intervention are not necessary to correct the current financial system and obtain justice. To consider changing the system without God, or even worse by mocking His laws, is blindness and sheer madness. This issue of MICHAEL seeks to convince the latter group that God cannot be ignored in the battle in which we are engaged.

In the first lesson of our annual study sessions in Rougemont, Canada we note Social Crediter Geoffrey Dobbs’ observation that the mutual trust we enjoy with each other is social credit. This trust reaches its apex when Christianity is applied and when God’s Ten Commandments are obeyed. Such social credit is a foundation for the monetary reforms known as Social Credit. As Fr. Coulon from France, a participant in September’s study session, said: “Social Credit is only a means, the end is the salvation of souls”. This reminds us that we are in a spiritual battle and that satanic forces are behind the current financial system.

In his treatise, Prayer: The Great Means of Salvation and of Perfection, St. Alphonsus Liguori described prayer as “the necessary and sure means of obtaining salvation, and all the graces we need [in order] to attain it”. He coined a famous and elementary maxim: “He who prays is saved, he who prays not is damned!” St. Alphonsus added: “To save one’s soul without prayer is most difficult, and even impossible… but by praying, our salvation is made secure, and very easy.” He added: “If we do not pray, we have no excuse, for the grace of prayer is given to everyone… if we are not saved, the whole fault will be ours, because we did not pray”.

After the Holy Mass, the most recommended prayer is the Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary. St. Therese of Lisieux said: “By the Rosary you can obtain everything. According to a graceful comparison, the Rosary is a long chain that links heaven and earth. One end of it is in our hands and the other hand is in the hands of the Holy Virgin. As long as people pray it, God cannot abandon the world, because this prayer moves His heart powerfully”.

Prayer, including the Holy Mass and the Rosary, supports Christian families. Thanks to the prayers of her grandmother, the daughter of infamous atheist Joseph Stalin became a Catholic.

All our actions, good or bad, have consequences for the rest of society. God uses victim souls to make reparation for many sins, such as the murder of millions of innocent children in abortion. One of those victim souls was Mother Yvonne-Aimée of Jesus, who spread a devotion to Jesus, King of Love. To conclude, in our fight for justice let us put God first because, as He said, “Without Me, you can do nothing” (John 15: 5). Happy reading!

About the Author

Alain Pilote

Alain Pilote

Alain Pilote has been the editor of the English edition of MICHAEL for several years. Twice a year we organize a week of study of the social doctrine of the Church and its application and Mr. Pilote is the instructor during these sessions.


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