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Castro and Communism

on Tuesday, 01 December 1959. Posted in Communism

Under Fidel Castro's dictatorship, the country of Cuba continues its march towards communism. Major Pedro Diaz Lanz, who commanded Castro's revolutionary air force, said in Miami recently that he heard Castro remark once during a plane trip:

"I want a system like Russia's. I will go along with public opinion until we are well organized. Then I will use force to kill 40,000 people if necessary. We have to go all the way. Nothing can stop us, including the United States."

Major Diaz had worked faithfully for Castro during the revolution, but after the victory he was replaced as commander of the air force. His job was given to Major Juan Almeida, a footsoldier who knows little about the air force but a great deal about Communism and the party line.

During a recent debate in the United Nations over the admission of Red China into the assembly, Cuba was the only one of the Western members who broke the solid west opposition to China's admission, by abstaining from voting. Cuba's delegate remarked that it could no longer "follow the dictates of another country", meaning the United States. And yet Cuba is trying to borrow $30 billion from the U.S.A.

Castro gave a state welcome with full honors to Juan José Arevalo, the "spiritual socialist", who while he was president of Guatemala, allowed the Communists to make nearly fatal inroads into his country.

Castro sent Ernesto Guevara, the Argentine Communist who served as his top field commander during the revolution, on a round-the-world-trip as his special ambassador: In Yugoslavia, Guevara told reporters: "It is our wish to see and perhaps apply Yugoslav experiences in Cuba".

The march towards Communism continues in Cuba under Castro.

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