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To build a Christian society, we need apostles

Written by Gilberte Côté-Mercier on Wednesday, 01 March 2000. Posted in Social Credit apostolate

Those who are visiting the hall of our House of the Immaculate in Rougemont, Que., where we hold our monthly meetings, can see displayed on the walls the list of our apostles who exerted themselves during the past year to diffuse our "Michael" Journal. Without them, our journal and Movement would cease to exist."

I submit this thought to all of our subscribers, especially those who never solicit any subscriptions to our journal, who never find a new subscriber during the year. And I continue my reflection on this thought. You would have been very saddened to see our Movement close down this year, and our journal disappear, because you love the "Michael" Journal so much! Well, if all the other subscribers had done like you, and solicit no subscriptions at all, our Movement would be dead. Is this not terrible?

Alas, many among our subscribers are not doing their part for "Michael"! Yet, the circulation of our journal keeps increasing because a handful of apostles exert themselves to support it. What would it be like if all of our subscribers did an extra effort every year?

These thoughts are not meant to discourage you, but are a simple invitation to reflection and good resolutions.

Our objective is 100,000 subscribers. You approve of this objective, don't you? So, will you not take part in it? How many subscriptions do you plan to take this year? Set yourself a concrete objective. A concrete program I suggest to you is:

1. Never miss any occasion to solicit subscriptions to "Michael" around you. Make sure to always carry on you subscription forms. It is a service you do to others when you get them to subscribe to our journal.

2. Go and visit families. You go out in the evening, once or several times during the week. You can visit friends, or go from door to door. It is also very good to find a partner to accompany, you, and who will also have an objective of subscriptions to reach. But the best method is to give your weekends with a team of Pilgrims. Then it is more encouraging for you and the whole group.

The Saturdays of the Pilgrims

We have teams of Pilgrims here, and there, who go out in groups on Saturdays and Sundays. The Pilgrims of the Saturdays should be more numerous. Saturday is the day of the week consecrated to Mary. We ask the Social Crediters to be generous enough to offer their Saturdays to the Queen of the World, by visiting their neighbors to diffuse the truth of "Michael". And then we will have every reason to believe that we will obtain the political salvation of our nations.

There are some people who have thus been devoting their weekends to the apostolate work for years. And they keep it up. Why would you not do the same thing? Give at least the Saturdays. It is the best day of the week for results.

A Christian society

If you do so, then you will be able to say that you are doing your part, that you are taking part in this battle. But there can be no battle if there are no fighters. It is an honor to be among the fighters of a great battle. The final battle is presently taking place in the world between good and evil, between Christian people and the enemies of a Christian society.

Since the French Revolution, Western nations have unfortunately made every possible political about-turn. There are elections in faked democracies, national or international dictatorships, and above all, a world-wide financial dictatorship. All of this is organized in an underhanded manner by the Church of Satan, which has infiltrated various secret societies. Under every present political system, people suffer; they can either starve to death amidst plenty, or be dispossessed of all of their belongings by a Socialist State, or be sent to prisons or concentration camps in Communist States, which can assassinate someone physically or morally.

The French Revolution of 1789 started a new type of politics for Europe: the separation of Church and State, a policy that amounts to say: "God, get out of our lives!" Get out of the parliaments! Get out of the schools! Get out of the hospitals! Get out of the businesses! Get out of our homes! Get out of our hearts! There are even some modernists who will no doubt soon dare to say this blasphemy: "God, get out of the Eucharist!"

The Church of Satan has reached its objective of dechristianizing the Western world. It all began with the dechristianization of politics. Now, they want to dechristianize everything.

Those who know that political chastisements are needed to bring happiness back in nations, must admit that there is only one way to change politics, and it is to re-christianize it. The whole Christian society must be rebuilt. Nothing less!

Personal work

To build a Christian society: what does it mean?

First of all, it means to put Christians in that society. After the death of Jesus Christ on the Cross, the first Christians started to edify Christendom, by living themselves in a Christian way. The true Christian society begins with each one of us, in our souls. We must live in Christ, but we must also live in the world. Both cannot be separated. If we live as Christians in society, then society will start being Christian as well. Our example and words will bring other people to imitate us. And then the Christian society will expand.

There is no doubt that for a Christian society to be more perfect, laws must be inspired by Christian principles. When an emperor converted to Christianity, it was a great step towards a Christian society. Any Christian must have in mind this objective of converting public authorities to Christian principles.

What are the temporal means at the disposal of Christians to influence political authorities? Certainly not elections, in any country in the world. Elections change absolutely nothing in the policies of nations; they only give the illusion of a change, since the real controllers of today's policies remain behind the scenes, and are not elected.

So what means do we have left to obtain a real change in favor of a Christian society? After having ourselves really converted to Christianity, we have the political means to proclaim the political truth over the rooftops. We must bear witness to the truth everywhere, even in politics, as Pope John Paul II said at the beginning of his pontificate: "Open the doors to Christ, the doors of economic and political systems!"

Only the truth shall make us free. This is true also in politics. We don't mean by un-. veiling scandals about the private lives of politicians. What we mean by political truth is setting out the principles for the common good, and throwing light on the political actions of our statesmen.

A Christian cannot be at the service of errors and lies, neither in politics nor in any domain. If this Christian pretends to be a patriot, he cannot do it be sacrificing or hushing up the truth. A true patriot today is he who proclaims the truth he knows, as loud as possible. It is in this way that he will save his country. The political truth must be told and lived. The truth requires fighters. The political truth requires fighters, saints, martyrs.

Renounce the world

A Christian society cannot be materialistic. There is a place for material progress in a Christian society, but this progress must be subordinated to the spirit, and not subjugate the spirit.

That is why a Christian and Social Credit society will be built only by men and women who are not subjugated to material things in their thoughts, and lives, who have renounced worldly pleasures, who are freed from the addiction to television, which brainwashes people, and the other news media that are subservient to the Financiers, freed from today's various forms of servitude that complicate our lives and chain us up to material things, instead of giving us wings to raise our thoughts and be more spiritual.

To tame our body, crucify it, subjugate it to the spirit, then to get rid of the world and all of its false pleasures, must be our resolution for 2000. Every Rosary prayed in our families, every "Hail Mary" recited by our Pilgrims from door to door, brings us towards our liberation: a personal liberation for each one of us, and a national liberation for the whole nation.

With such a resolution, each one of our readers will be able to find the requisite strength and time to be a Pilgrim of St. Michael, in order to build the work of "Michael", which does so much good everywhere.

Dear reader, what will be your resolution? What will be your part for this year of the Great Jubilee?

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