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This Issue, a 'New Look'

on Wednesday, 01 February 1956. Posted in Social Credit apostolate

If you have been for some time a subscriber to this paper, you will surely note the difference between this issue of "Social Credit" and those of the past. We hope you will appreciate this "new look".

First, the paper comes out earlier in the month, and we plan to do better yet and have it off the press on or before the first day of each month.

Then, while continuing to instruct its readers on the policy and tenets of Social Credit, this paper devotes a good part of its pages to relating the activities of Social Crediters in various fields.

The knowledge of truth is a great thing, indeed. But truth must also be lived. This world has suffered too much because of people content to know the truth, when they do, and making nothing of this knowledge.

Our movement wants to do more than merely show the light. We want to induce and train men to action in the line of Social Credit.

Social Credit demands a social dividend for every individual, as his rightful share of the cultural heritage of generations, and his share of the benefits accruing from life in society. Taxes are the very opposite of dividends. How could a Social Crediter claim an economy of dividends and bear with an economy of taxes?

For this reason, a true Social Crediter cannot regard passively the increase of taxation presently taking place in just about every city, town and even rural community of his Province. If Social Crediters do not try to halt this tide, who will?

Social Crediters cannot, for the same reason, approve of loans which raise public debts, further enslaving this and future generations for using real credit belonging to the community. In this issue, you will find examples of gallant fights by Social Crediters against this double feature of "legalized robbery".

These examples are published here, to show all readers of this paper what they can and should do in their own place as the occasion arises.

The French organ of our movement, Vers Demain, has long done this for its readers. Now that Social Credit is going to a growing number of subscribers in a growing number of localities in several Provinces, this same service is inaugurated here and will continue in future issues.

You will also read in Social Credit the description of cases of undue hardships, black poverty and dire need, which are unjustifiable in a country where surpluses and not the lack of goods create problems. These cases are exposed to witness to the inadequacy of the financial system of distribution. An orderly economic system should work so that first needs are served first. The present system does not do this; and this lesson needs be learned by politicians who produce statistics, with high figures of total production and exports, as evidence of the prosperity of Canada. They need to be shown that however prosperous may be the abstraction "Canada", Canadians, individuals, and families, in great number face insecurity tomorrow, and too many of them are in want of today's bread.

We hope you will like your paper more and more, as it becomes more and more lively. Help make it lively; send us word of what is being done by yourself and other Social Crediters of your community for the advancement of Social Credit, for the liberation of our people from the shackles of the Money power, from the grip of the monopoly of credit.

And if you like your paper, show it to another person, then get that person to subscribe. Where there is one regular reader today, there should be two tomorrow. That depends on you. In this manner Social Credit can/will grow, until it becomes the prevailing policy, first, of our country, then, of the world.

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