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Our Brothers Await Us Throughout Canada

on Saturday, 01 November 1958. Posted in Social Credit apostolate

A Social Credit Start in Prince Edward Island

At noon, Saturday, September 20, Mr. Even and I landed on Prince Edward Island. On alighting from the plane we could see four white berets and a great white banner, gleaming and fluttering in the ocean breeze. Here were our four full-time workers awaiting us with joy — Bernard Gaouette, Alphonse Pelletier, Camille St-Cyr and Gerard Migneault. They had already been on the island for three weeks. Pelletier and Migneault had been working in the eastern part of the island with an almost entirely English speaking population; and Gaouette and St-Cyr had been travelling among the French-Canadian parishes on the west side of the island.

It is an inspiring sight to see these four boys who speak little English, working with such zeal in what, from the point of view of number of Crediters, is practically a desert, a thousand miles from their headquarters, going from door to door taking subscriptions.

Who can say the amount of courage it takes to carry on this work day after day, year after year? In spite of the spiritual solace it is a thankless task. They are young, these men, and they could just as easily be spending their young years enjoying life before taking on the burdens of full maturity as do most young folks. But these men have preferred to assume very serious obligations towards society; and they bear these duties much in the same way as the leaders of our country bear theirs. They deserve the deepest respect and affection of all Social Crediters.

We Are Made At Home

"We held six assemblies on the island: meetings in French and English at Palmer Road, Mont-Carmel, South Rustico and Tignish in the west, and in the east, in English at St. Charles.

The Charlottetown newspaper, The Guardian, sent a representative to cover these meetings. We thank them for this courtesy.

In many ways our tour was reminiscent of the early days of Social Credit in Quebec when meetings were held before small groups anywhere and everywhere in the towns and villages. Here, it was deeply satisfying to see faces lighten up as we explained the origin of money and the doctrine of Social Credit. To think that we have had these wonderful truths for 23 years in Quebec and the people here are only just hearing them! lf Solon Low and his followers had done something else besides electioneering for 23 years, the English people would be better informed of the evils of high finance, and Social Credit would today be nearer to its implementation through federal Legislation.

A Grand Assault

However, we are going to make amends for this long neglect of our brothers not only in Prince Edward Island, but elsewhere in this land as well.

Before another year has elapsed, we shall mobilize all our workers, full-time and part-time, all our supporters who can find the time, for a grand assault on Prince Edward Island. We shall cover the island from end to end in a few weeks, holding assemblies, working from door to door. And we shall crown this work with a grand reunion wich will be the island's first congress.

We are planning similar expeditions for each of the provinces. We want as many of our working members as are able to join us in these expeditions; to work from door to door and to assist at the assemblies. We shall go into Nova Scotia, and into the western provinces as well. We plan to hold a congress in each of these provinces. And this without neglecting older established Social Credit centres of Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick.

All who are able will come to help our full-time workers in this grand assault from the Atlantic to the Rockies! This is our dynamic program for 1959! And it will be a program carried out by dynamic Social Crediters!

A Universal Family

Those of you who join us will have an experience such as you never dreamed could exist. You come to know what it means to belong to this great family of Crediters. You will experience the warmth, and charity and good-fellowship of those who are united in working for the common good. For only Social Credit has the formula, which will make it possible for all men to share in the abundant goods of our modern system of production.

And whether you go among friends or strangers, when you come bringing the message you become a brother. When we landed on Prince Edward Island we were strangers. And yet all doors were opened to us. We were received with the greatest warmth and cordiality. For we bring to them hope and the vision of a new life; and what is more, we teach them a practical, down-to-earth way of achieving that new life.

There can be nothing more rewarding either for those of us who come with the message, or for those who open the door to our message, than the sense of doing something for the good of our fellowmen.

The Union of Electors gives you this opportunity. If you will join us in this grand assault for the realization of Social Credit you will find your reward not only in the gaining of material goods but in the spiritual enrichment you will find in the great family of the Social Credit movement.

Translated from Vers Demain by EARL MASSECAR

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