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Let's become apostles; let's go as apostles; let's seek apostles !

on Monday, 01 October 2001. Posted in Social Credit apostolate

Mrs. Gilberte Côté-Mercier, aged 91 years and three months, encouraged those attending the "Michael" Congress with her fiery words. She elaborated on an article by Gérard Mercier entitled: "I want apostles". For three-quarters of an hour, in spite of her frail physical state, our courageous Directress stood up and spoke with much ardour.

Congressional speech of Mrs. Gilberte Côté-Mercier

Dear Social Crediters: Rise up! Dear Pilgrims, dear apostles, you are all apostles. How can you wish to be Pilgrims without being apostles? This is the subject matter of my address.

Let us seek apostles; let us be apostles; let us go as apostles. What does that mean, to be an apostle? It means: Go out from your home. Do not forever stay at home to sleep, to relax, to wait for Social Credit to happen all by itself. The Apostles asked Our Lord: "What is our plan of action?" Our Lord replied: "Go, go..."

There was an article of Gérard Mercier in a recent issue of "Michael" entitled: "I want apostles." It mentions his thoughts, his speeches, his visits to families. The Master of the Apostles always replied: Go! Go! Where? Everywhere! Go, go everywhere in the entire world. Our Lord left Heaven when He came on Earth to raise apostles.

Visits to families

"The Annunciation" is the First Mystery to be meditated upon when praying the Rosary. The Second Mystery is "The Visitation". After the Annunciation by the Angel, the Blessed Virgin hastened to visit Her cousin Elizabeth to tell her about the Message which She had just received. We, the Pilgrims of St. Michael, have received the message of Social Credit which would free the poor from want. We must visit the families to bring them that message. In the Second Joyful Mystery, "The Visitation", which we pray every day, we ask for Pilgrims of St. Michael to be raised throughout the whole world.

If a Pilgrim only hangs around at home, then it is not he who will bring us Social Credit. That is not what the Good God wants. Our Lord wants justice, wisdom, people to be happy here on earth in order to reach their goal. If there is anyone who wants justice, it is the Good Lord. It is certainly not the Devil.

Now I, myself, go out to find apostles. Who is this person, who is this "I"? Each one of us! Go out from your home. Go, that is the plan of action for the apostle. Go into the families, the Rosary in one hand and the "Michael" Journal in the other hand. When I say "journal", I also mean our leaflets.

Knock on the doors and ask: "May I meet all the family, adults and children?" Offer the "Michael" Journal to them all together. If there are ten members of the family, subscribe them all: ten new subscribers. Each one must read his own "Michael". If it is only the little brother, or some other member of the family that is subscribed, the others will not read it. For the "Michael" Journal to be read, everyone must receive it. This is your objective.

Hand out the leaflets to instill an appreciation of the paper itself. Read a leaflet with the family, and they will see that it makes good sense. Ask the parents: "Will the little children distribute the leaflets from door to door? Let me have their names, and I will give them some leaflets, The leaflets are free."

Then you say: "I think it is time to pray a decade of the Rosary together." The Rosary is prayed with the family. There may be problems of unemployment. That is a problem which the Rosary will take care of. You understand that. You leave the house with the names of the little children and their telephone number, to call them and find out how it went with their leaflet distribution. You even ask them to make the sacrifice of going to the homes, from door to door, to diffuse the leaflets and the "Michael" Journal. We are Catholics and we are Social Crediters, because we are truly Catholics!

Meetings in families

In the families, you will ask them to organize a meeting in their living room. You will hold a meeting, and you will ask them questions about the paper that you have left with them, so they can show that they have read it.

At San Damiano, Italy, Our Lady said to us: "Mobilize your children, your brothers..." The Rosary solves all problems. Make sacrifices. Go from door to door to spread the leaflets and the "Michael" Journal, to subscribe people.

In your Rosaries, ask for the grace to be an apostle, an apostle of "Michael", of Louis Even's Social Credit Work. Gérard Mercier looked for apostles. He said: "I want apostles." Gérard Mercier was a true apostle, and he is the one who could speak to you if he were sent back on earth by the Divine Wisdom. Gérard Mercier was himself an apostle, a ball of fire, not stopping, never calling a truce to the fight. Are you able to follow the example of Gérard Mercier in a fight to the end? One must make apostolate work. One must be an apostle to save our society, to save our world, to save souls, to save minds, to save hearts. Apostles must be found!

Dear friends, when you go to the homes, I have one thing to ask of you. We are about to distribute a leaflet that is out of the ordinary: "Crusade for Modesty"; and on the reverse side: "Decency in Dress. Precise Rules of the Church for Dressing". You will read that; you will reflect upon it; you will apply it in your life. You will take it from door to door. As you leave this Congress, will you go from door to door?

When we pray the Rosary together, at home, at school, or as a group, let us think of asking for apostles of Social Credit, who must be increased and strengthened in numbers to achieve that liberty that we need so we can live well in our society.

The grace of our Good God has entered into your heart more than ever to be an apostle. Mobilize everyone. How? Go, go... Let us be apostles; let us go as apostles; let us seek apostles!

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