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It is the people who speak

Written by Gilberte Côté-Mercier on Thursday, 01 October 1959. Posted in Social Credit apostolate

The congress at Amos

The arena at Amos where we held our congress on September 6, will hold 5,000 people, seated. It was filled to capacity for the congress as those who saw the television news shots, which the CBC so kindly showed, can testify.

It would be no mistake to say that 8,000 people attended this great demonstration of the strength of the Union of Electors.

The number present is an eloquent testimony in itself. One has only to realize that today, sports and spectacles of entertainment, for the most part, alone have power to attract large crowds. Most organizations complain that even for small assemblies it is almost impossible to get a crowd of any size together.

This was not the case, however with the Union of Electors which this September at the Amos congress was celebrating the twentieth birthday of the organization's French-language paper, "Vers Demain".

The thousands of Crediters present at the congress had to make a real effort to be present, even with the long Labor Day weekend. Amos is far to the north in Quebec, even though the roads leading to it are excellent. However these thousands were only too happy to make the trip in order to show their devotion to their movement and the publications which are of its very essence. Sunday afternoon a long parade wound through the streets of Amos, a river of white berets preceded and followed by the massive squares of the flags of the honor guards.

The dividend and interest-free loans

The congress made two demands of the government. The first was that each and every citizen should receive a dividend, monthly, of $25. The dividend has always been the central theme of Social Credit monetary proposals and at the congress it was eloquently expressed by the speakers, the pennants, and the decorations which hung in the arena.

The congress also asked that all public developments — provincial, municipal, school, etc — and all private enterprise be financed by interest-free credits issued by the Bank of Canada.

It asked that provincial governments take immediate steps to ask the federal government to effect such legislation.

A great campaign throughout Canada

The Union of Electors immediately set to work to start distributing circulars throughout the length and breadth of Canada.

This circular is in the form of a letter which each Canadian is invited to sign and send to the premier of his province. In effect, the letter asks the premier and the provincial government to place itself on the side of the people in the combat against the financiers.

In addition, petitions, to the same effect, will be passed at individual houses, which petitions will be sent to federal and provincial M.P.'s.

Municipal councils, school commissions, unions, and all other types of organizations are being requested to vote for resolutions to the same effect.

The entire nation must be aroused to bring pressure to bear upon the government so that the Bank of Canada might be ordered to serve the people of Canada.

When the people speak with one voice, loudly and unmistakably, that voice is always listened to and obeyed.

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