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In Nova Scotia as Elsewhere

on Wednesday, 01 February 1956. Posted in Social Credit apostolate

Urbain Lajeunesse writes: "Here (in Nova Scotia) taxmakers pile on the taxes, old-age pensions are delayed or cut down as much as possible. An old lady of 86, with three invalids in the house: the four of them have to live on the $40 a month which the aged lady receives!

Another invalid — allowance refused.

"An old man who had the misfortune to earn $300 while under the conditional pension before the age of 70, now sees his pension cut so as to reimburse what he received.

Another old man of 72 had his $40 a month; but his wife, who is over 65, having just been listed as entitled to an indigent allowance of $30, the man's pension is cut down to $30 (which is contrary to the no-means test pension law). And Canada is prosperous, sing the Liberals. Prosperous for whom?

FROM AUSTRALIA, we are just receiving a bunch of 14 subscriptions to 'Social Credit', from Mr. W. E. Carruthers, Adelaide. He is the honorary secretary of the Social Credit League of South Australia. Mr. Carruthers' name will be listed as an ace of the week ending Feb. 8, to be published in our March issue.

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