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God calls you, young and old people

on Tuesday, 01 May 2001. Posted in Social Credit apostolate

To be a Pilgrim of St. Michael Every Christian must be an apostle for social justice

The duty of every Christian

Every human being has a vocation, is called by God to accomplish a mission that is unique to each soul, and is given special gifts and talents accordingly, that he must develop to put at the service of his brothers and sisters in Christ. If some are called to priesthood or religious life, all, however, are called to be apostles for social justice, since it is the ordinary way to holiness for the faithful, as stated by the Second Vatican Council:

"The laity, by their very vocation, seek the kingdom of God by engaging in temporal affairs and by ordering them according to the plan of God... They are called there by God so that by exercising their proper function and being led by the spirit of the Gospel, they can work for the sanctification of the world from within, in the manner of leaven. In this way they can make Christ known to others, especially by the testimony of a life resplendent in faith, hope and charity. The layman is closely involved in temporal affairs of every sort. It is therefore his special task to illumine and organize these affairs in such a way that they always start out, develop, and persist according to Christ's mind, to the praise of the Creator and the Redeemer." (Dogmatic Constitution on the Church Lumen Gentium, n. 31.)

On July 3, 1980, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Pope John Paul Il addressed 150,000 workers as follows: "An essential condition is to provide the economic with a human meaning and logic. It is necessary to free the various fields of existence from the dominion of subjugating economism. No one is dispensed from collaborating in this task... Christians, wherever you are, assume your share of responsibility in this immense effort for the human restructuring of the city. Faith makes it a duty for you."

The love of neighbour

The most fundamental reason every Christian must work for social justice and the establishment of a better economic system is that one will be precisely judged on what one will have done for our brothers and sisters in need. Jesus identified Himself with those who suffer, when He said: "Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brethren, you did it to Me." (Mt 25:40.). The Christian Faith teaches us to see Christ in each of our brothers, and to love our neighbour as we love Christ..

There are many ways to help our brothers in need: Some will send donations to charitable organizations, whether to help the poor of our country or of the Third World. But if these donations can relieve a few poor people for a few days or weeks, they nevertheless do not suppress the causes of poverty.

What is much better is to correct the problem at its root, to attack the very causes of poverty, and to re-establish every human being in his rights and dignity of a person created in the image of God, and being entitled to a minimum of earthly goods. Besides, to give to each one what is due to him is precisely what justice consists in.

Pope Paul VI wrote in his encyclical letter Populorum Progressio on the development of peoples (n. 75): "More than any other, the individual who is animated by true charity labours skilfully to discover the causes of misery; to find the means to combat it, and to overcome it resolutely. A creator of peace, he will follow his path, lighting the lamps of joy and playing their brilliance and loveliness on the hearts of men across the surface of the globe, leading them to recognize, across all frontiers, the faces of their brothers, the faces of their friends."

We need apostles

This is exactly what the Pilgrims of St. Michael, the "White Berets" of the "Michael" Journal are doing, by distributing leaflets and visiting families from door to door to present their brilliant economic solution, to put an end to the present financial dictatorship of the debt-money system,

As it has been explained many times in this journal, the power of the Financiers  lies in the ignorance of the people, so the solution starts by the education of the people. This is why every year we print millions of free leaflets (offprints of our journal) that we distribute all over the world.

But we need apostles to distribute them! We need apostles to visit families and present them our "Michael" Journal. When Our Lord was upon earth, He told His apostles to go and teach all nations. In other words, He asked that we leave our comfort, leave our homes, and go and proclaim the good news of Christianity to the whole world.

The Pilgrims of Saint Michael go on the road constantly to proclaim the truth of Social Credit, to put into application the social doctrine of the Catholic Church, to work for the love of neighbour. The Rosary Crusade, the door-to-door apostolate of visiting the families to pray in the homes and to introduce them to the Work of "Michael", has been their major apostolate since 1968 when the Blessed Virgin asked in an Apparition that we visit the families and do a crusade for Her Rosary. How many sacrifices the Pilgrims make doing this apostolate, going long hours in the heat, in the cold, in the rain, but what a joy it is to work with Heaven to save souls. So many hearts are touched after they have prayed with our Pilgrims.

We make a special call to everyone to come and join us in this apostolate, either by distributing leaflets, or by visiting families from door to door. Better than that: it is God Himself who calls you, who invites you. "Come and follow Me... to free My people of their lack of knowledge." Self-dedication will save the world; selfishness will lose it.

Today, all the news media are controlled by the Financiers, to make sure that no one will discover their racket. So how important it is to diffuse the "Michael". Journal; the only one that brings the true solution, and dares to denounce the huge swindle of the creation of money as a debt by private bankers!

As the Polish Bishops, led by Cardinal Wyszynski (see article on pages 30 to 32), wrote in their pastoral letter of May 3, 1981: "Untruthfulness has infiltrated every means of social communication, and the news is falsified, the truth is passed over in silence, people revel in perfidious lies. Everybody can see it: the press publishes lies, the radio broadcasts falsehoods, television repeats them, and the schools teach them... How many times we, believers in Christ, have avoided to tell the truth? Truth is a superior value, that belongs to the supreme good of humanity."

Come to Rougemont this summer to help us, or contact us to accompany our apostles. Order leaflets from us to distribute. Contact us and come to our meetings to get the fire of the apostolate.

A miracle of the door-to-door

Benoît Ouellet is one of our great apostles in Montreal. He does the door-to-door Crusade with the Rosary in his hands. One Saturday, he was accompanied by Daniel Fournier, another Pilgrim of St. Michael of Montreal. On a street that Mr. Ouellet visits often, two men were sitting on the sidewalk, in front of their home. Mr. Ouellet said to them: "We are the Pilgrims of St. Michael, we visit families, and we begin our visit by saying a decade of the Rosary. We can say it right here, on the sidewalk."

So the four of them knelt down on the sidewalk, and began to pray. One passerby insulted them, but they finished the decade just the same. When the prayer was done, the two residents told our Pilgrims that they had not gone to church for fifteen years. Mr. Ouellet replied: "But you must go to church if you want to go to Heaven." The two men subscribed to our "Michael" Journal.

"Each time you pass by, come to pray with us," one of them said. Six months later, Mr. Ouellet kept his promise, and visited the man, who had since returned to the Church. A few months later, Mr. Ouellet went to visit him again. This time, it is his wife who answered the door, telling Mr. Ouellet that her husband had passed away a few weeks earlier. The salvation of a soul is worth more than the conquest of an empire!

Words of Gérard Mercier "You have been chosen"

One of the best apostles ever of our Movement was certainly our dear departed Gérard Mercier, husband of our Directress, Gilberte Côté-Mercier, who was continuously on the road to stimulate our apostles, a real livewire, "ball of fire". He became a full-time Pilgrim at the age of 26, until his death at the age of 83, on September 4, 1997, two days after having taken part in our annual Congress in Rougemont. He was a model for all of us and an apostle to the core. Here are some of his words and wise pieces of advice to encourage you all:

"You have been chosen, and you belong to the most beautiful, most important, most necessary Movement for the present times. Don't look elsewhere.

"Are not all the other groups, movements and associations, siding with the financial dictatorship, since they never say a word against it. They will never say a word against taxes either, and yet, they are against the Michael Journal, against Social Credit. Without being mischievous, one can rightly say that they are all accomplices of the present swindling system, whether they realize it or not.

"Don't be part of any other movement, and if you belong to one, leave it as quickly as possible, silently, in order to give all of your time to the most beautiful and important of all movements. "You have been chosen by God to be part of this Movement; so be proud of it, and shake off all those who would like to discourage you, and have you leave your Movement. Stay away from them; it is the best way to be spared from their criticisms. Don't argue with them, for many of them know what they are doing when they try to discourage you, for they know that our Movement hits the real causes of our financial problems, and as for them, they prefer to defend this swindling system that robs us and leads us to socialism and the world government.

"Social Crediters, your vocation is to dethrone the financial dictatorship. Never forget it. Be convinced of the importance of your vocation, just like our founder, Louis Even, was. A slave of Mary and a solid Social Crediter, he gave his all for the triumph of justice. You all became Social Crediters for a matter of justice. It is through this door, justice, that one becomes a Social Crediter.

Beware of television

"Let us be viligant! Television kills the apostolate. The news media, schools and fashions all preach in favor of an easy life, with money and comfort. What a mistake! This is not the way the saintly founders of our country chose. We must return to this heroic spirit of our ancestors. The youth is made for heroism.

"One must not be 'catholics in compartments', Catholics in the church, but pagans in politics and economics. We must be Catholic in every area of life. Christianize the temporal world to guarantee the daily bread to all. All take action and embark on the apostolate work right now!"

Mrs. Mercier wrote about her late husband: "I want apostles!" This summarizes all the thoughts and speeches of Gérard Mercier. Like Jesus Christ on earth, Gérard was calling for apostles. Now in Heaven, he continues to shout: "I want apostles!"

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