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Fantastic expansion in Mexico

Written by Yvette Poirier on Thursday, 01 May 2003. Posted in Social Credit apostolate

How our dear founders must rejoice in Heaven at the way the Movement is growing throughout the whole world. Latin America is opening its door to the "Michael" Journal. At the meeting on April 27 in Rougemont, Mr. Jacek Morawa gave a magnificent painting of St. Michael the Archangel that is a gift from our Movement to Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Armando Reyes, our representatives in Ecuador, and translators of the "San Miguel" Journal (the new Spanish-language edition of "Michael"), so that the Chief of the Heavenly Angels will protect the new foundation of the "Michael" Journal in their country.

"I know," Mr. Reyes said to us, "the words which were told to the children at Fatima: You will not be happy in this world, the Blessed Virgin told them, but you will be happy in Heaven. I know that our apostolate will not be easy in Ecuador because there is a lot of corruption, but we are ready to face the difficulties. We are doing this for God. We should not be afraid."

In the month of April, Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Reyes went to hold meetings with Spanish groups in the city of Toronto and the surrounding areas. Pierre Marchildon accompanied them. They gathered 120 subscriptions to the Spanish journal.

"At the first meeting," Mr. Reyes said to us, "that we held in the center of the city of Toronto, in a Spanish parish dedicated to St. John the Baptist, we learned that the Bishop responsible for the Spanish parishes, gave us the authorization to visit all the Spanish parishes in Toronto and to present the work of the 'Michaeľ Journal to the parishioners."

At their first meeting, in the parish of St. John the Baptist, Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Reyes met a couple who came from Mexico, Mr. and Mrs. Guillermo Beltran. These people left everything they had, and they were looking for their vocation. In Mexico, they belonged to a group of lay people. It is the Archbishop of Tlalnepantla, in Mexico, that sent them to Canada. The Archbishop said to them: "There, you will find your vocation." They said to Mr. Reyes: "We want to be responsible for the Spanish "Michael" Journal in Mexico."

Mr. Reyes and our American full-time Pilgrim, Melvin Sickler, went to Mexico for 15 days, where they were received by Mr. and Mrs. Beltran. On the first day, they were received by the Mexican Archbishop who had sent the Beltrans to Canada. Mr. Reyes wrote in his report, dated June 4th:

"We were blessed in Mexico. Archbishop Ricardo Guízar Díaz of Tlalnepantla has approved and blessed our apostolic work in his state where Mr. and Mrs. Guillermo Beltran live, and where we are now. This state is inside Mexico City and consists of 6 dioceses, 188 parishes, and 264 priests. Mexico City, with the suburbs, has a total of 30 million inhabitants. Monday night we held a meeting of 75 persons who subscribed to San Miguel. The Vicar General ordered 80,000 of our leaflets. He said that we can speak at all of his Masses this Sunday and set up a table at the back of the church. We went to the Cardinal's office and we saw the "Vers Demain" Journal in a place of honor in the magazine rack. The nun in charge of the office said the Cardinal can read English, French, and Spanish."

On June 10th, Mr. Reyes and Mr. Sickler met Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera of Mexico City (see the picture below) to explain to him the wonderful doctrine of Social Credit which would put into application the social doctrine of the Church in the areas of economics and politics. They also held a very successful meeting with 24 priests.

In June, we sent to Ecuador a big 40-foot container filled with the San Miguel leaflets. Another one for Mexico, that is a 20-foot container, with an equivalent of two million 4-page leaflets, left a couple days after.

We have sent to all the Bishops in the Spanish-speaking countries a letter to offer them the leaflets with the document of Pope John Paul II on the Rosary. On June 10th, we received orders for leaflets from two Bishops from Mexico: one order of 2,500 leaflets and another of 6,000. Long live "San Miguel"!

Yvette Poirier

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