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Distinguished visitors from Rome, Poland and France attend our Congress

on Monday, 01 October 2001. Posted in Social Credit apostolate

At this year's Congress, we had the honour of welcoming Mr. Vitale Onorato from Rome. He speaks five languages and has a big devotion to St. Michael the Archangel. Here are excerpts from what he said:

"Many people wonder why I am here. I contacted the 'Michaeľ office because, three years ago, I received some leaflets from a friend in Florence who worked in Canada. I made many photocopies, which I distributed. Two months ago, I contacted 'Michaeľ in Canada to ask for more leaflets. Miss Tardif said to me: 'Come to Canada for our Congress'. '"What, come to Montreal? Yes, (I said) I will come,' as if this was an everyday thing to do. For a long time I was getting signs from St. Michael. My wife even said to me: 'It is well to leave for Canada. St. Michael is calling you there.'

"Why did St. Michael want me to go to Canada? Now I understand why! I found myself to be all alone. I said to myself: 'Are there no other people who are opposed to globalization?' But now I see that I am not alone, because here I find a battalion.

"For us in Europe, it is a most urgent matter to inform the people, because on January 1, 2002, we will have the euro, the electronic money, the first step towards the microchip implanted under the skin. It is most urgent to plant this message of Social Credit in Italy.

"We must work together. What shall I do upon my arrival in Italy? Every day I will distribute the 'Michael' leaflets in my country. I have many opportunities to hold meetings. I will explain Social Credit. At each meeting, I will distribute 'Michael' leaflets. Also, I shall write articles and translate the 'Michael' articles. I will translate Louis Even's book 'In This Age of Plenty', chapter by chapter. I shall pray the Rosary in union with you. I shall be a Full-timer in Italy.

"The 'Michael' Movement is something formidable. I understand now the swindle practiced by the banks. Social Credit is the unique economic solution to this problem. The books of Douglas would remain on the shelf without Louis Even's explanations and without the 'Michael' apostles. It is like the Gospel without apostles to teach it. To have a journal, that is not unusual, nor is it unusual to have subscriptions, but to have apostles like you, that is most certainly uncommon... That is how the devil must be fought. The devil is hidden everywhere; deception, that is his activity. I see that you are truly an extraordinary battallion.".

Vitale Onorato

Mr. Onorato held a meeting on September 12 in Bologna, in which 10,000 people attended. He will next have an equally numerous attendance at meetings in Milan and Naples. Two large pallets with over 210,000 4-page leaflets of 'Michael', addressed to Mr. Onorato, left for Rome on September 15. They reached their destination on October 15.

Mr. Janusz Lewicki, Poland 2,184 subscriptions for the year

I thank the Directors of the Pilgrims of St. Michael for inviting me to this marvellous Congress. We have just celebrated two years of publishing the "Michael" in Polish. We started two years ago in September. I want to thank all of our collaborators in Canada and in Poland. I find that it is a great thing that we are able to plant the "Michael" Journal in Poland. It enshrines truth in both the temporal and spiritual domains, and that is what shows that these two domains are linked. There is no other journal like it; "Michael" is complete! More and more, right-thinking people in Poland repeat the ideas of "Michael".

We live in an important time, when High Masonry seeks to control everything. Just before I left, the media announced that the new money, the single currency for 12 countries, the euro, was going to be put into circulation. These countries will lose their sovereignty. The people do not know the bad consequences that it will have for their nation, but the "Michael" Journal warns the world. In the last issue of "Michael", there is a most important article by Alain Pilote, about the necessity of a national currency, because if we should abandon the national currency, we will no longer be able to establish Social Credit. People do not realize this. Every country must create its own money. It is only the "Michael" Journal which teaches us this.

We have published in Polish the three booklets by Louis Even as a single book. These are: "A Sound and Effective Financial System", "What is Real Social Credit?", and "The Money Myth Exploded". We have given it the title: "Global Fraud and its Way Out". We wanted to have a commendation for this book from the Bishop who seems to me to be the most important and most heavy-weight in Poland, Most Rev. Edward Frankowski. He denounces injustices. He is connected with Radio Maria. That is why he is well known in Poland. We have obtained that commendation from Bishop Frankowski, and it is first-class. We will soon also have the new Polish translation of "In This Age of Plenty".

Monsignor Frankowski is a most courageous Bishop. Last month, in the sanctuary of Our Lady of Czestochowa in Jasna Gora, he said: "There is no use in talking with thieves; they must be exposed." Our Work is more and more recognized in Poland. Here is a little booklet, "How Poland Can Survive", which uses the terms found in the "Michael" Journal. They say that "Michael" is a national Catholic journal published every two months. They publish our articles. Another right-wing journal from Poland also speaks of "Michael".

We receive many letters every day. People call our office in Poland. We mail 2,000 copies of the Polish "Michael" to our regular subscribers and in news-stands in various cities, so people can get our journal. This is only the start! There will be, I hope, an expansion. Poland is in a very bad economic state. There is high unemployment. Our Work is very important. We work without stopping.

Janusz Lewicki

Christian Burgaud, France 3,005 subscriptions for the year

Friends of Michael, I bring you friendly greetings and best wishes from all the families of France, Switzerland, and Belgium, especially those of Mr. and Mrs. Jeannière, who run the Michael office in France, and from my parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jean Burgaud. Mrs. Marie-Therese Gauthier, in charge of Var, is always in action, spreading our leaflets. She has just sent 18 new subscriptions. She greets everyone here at the Congress. Mrs. Josephine Kleynen, in charge of Brussels, Belgium, is a great distributor of the "Michael" leaflets. She also sends her greetings.

France is not asleep; it is always on the warpath, in the apostolate. We have apostles in different regions who make a formidable job of spreading the leaflets. That is what gives us new subscriptions.

In my area, Loire-Atlantic and Maine and Loire, we have good teams who spread the leaflets every weekend. We have good people in Alsace, like Franck Kretz, Mrs. Marie-Claire Trappler, Mrs. Marguerite Sy, and two new people, Roland Arnold and Prosper Canard. I had Michel Coquet to accompany me on the leaflet distribution. We made very good contacts and we subscribed new families.

Before coming to the Congress, I made some apostolate work in my Loire-Atlantic area and in Brittany. I took 260 subscriptions. I sow leaflets, without growing tired of it, and I do the door-to-door crusade in every nook and corner of my country. One must dare to bear witness to the truth. I also distribute the leaflets on modesty, and the people, even if they are badly dressed, accept them.

We must work to obtain the daily bread for each person, for everyone on earth, as the Holy Father has asked. Pope John Paul II said that these are the basic rights refused to millions of under-nourished people. The daily bread guaranteed to all is a basic right, and in the years 2001 and 2002, poverty and misery should not exist. This poverty is created on purpose. We are laden down with an abundance of goods, but we are devastated by an inability to buy the mountains of goods before us. The "Jubilee of Parliamentarians" took place this past year in Rome, and to obtain the conversion of our governments, the Pope proclaimed St. Thomas More the Patron of politicians.

Globalization is the application of Communism on a global scale. The State becomes the owner of everything, and thereby dispossesses everyone. To be apostles means to put all our effort into spreading Social Credit. We, who have been chosen by God, must accomplish this work. There are over six-thousand million humans on earth, and among that multitude are the White Berets, who have that mission. Our mission is more than important. We must dare to assert ourselves, to be daring and be determined in running into action. The army of Gideon is an example which shows us that it is always the small numbers which bring the biggest reforms. Our Lady at San Damiano said to Louis Even: "You will win all the battles." Rise up and take action! All into the apostolate work!

Christian Burgaud

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