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Currents of ideas change the course of history

Written by Gilberte Côté-Mercier on Saturday, 01 January 2000. Posted in Social Credit apostolate

A subscription assault for an assault of ideas


If you really want to achieve something in the world, something real and lasting, work on ideas.

When Our Lord entrusted His Apostles with their mission, He simply said to them: "Go and teach."

To found His Church, Our Lord did not use executives; He simply found fishermen and other ordinary people, and told them to go. He even told them to get rid of all the rest, and to focus only on teaching: "Take nothing for your journey, neither staff, nor wallet, nor bread, nor money." (Luke 9:3) Go and teach.

The Apostles were to be the helpers of the greatest foundation of history. Yet, their plan included no office, no building, no executive, no organization, no wallet. Their only program was: "Go and teach." The road and the word.

With this extremely short program, the Apostles managed to lead and expand the Church which can lead souls to eternal life, and can even change the face of the earth. The Church has what is necessary to establish the Kingdom of Christ on earth as it is in Heaven.

To change the earth

To change the earth, one must of course change people. And to change people, one must change their ideas.

The Pilgrims of Saint Michael and all the readers of "Michael" should meditate on this thought.

Too often, we put our hope in changes in governments, in men in power, in events that do not depend on people's will, like the death of a tyrant or the ascension to the throne of a great man.

No, this is not the way changes on earth actually happen. Changes come through ideas. The French or Bolshevic Revolution changed something indeed, but it took place because first changes had taken place in the minds of people.

The French Revolution took place in 1789, as the ripe fruit of three centuries of errors: freethinking, subjectivism, secularization, separation of Church and State. Voltaire came before the revolution. He was one of those who prepared the revolution, with his hatred of Christ and contempt for the truth.

Ideas appear before coups d'etat. It is ideas that change the course of history. Coups d'etat simply confirm ideas. Coups d'etat are not the real changes; they only unveil in public the changes that had taken place in the minds of people.

To change ideas is also to change moral standards, since it is to change philosophy, and that people behave according to the philosophy they have.

Social Credit

When will the Social Credit principles be implemented into the laws of our countries? When people will think like Social Crediters, when they will share a Social Credit philosophy. If they think like Social Crediters, they will behave like Social Crediters.

Elections have absolutely nothing to do with it. They are not relevant. What matters is currents of ideas.

Is not the "Michael" Journal the best tool to create and sustain these currents of ideas? It is impossible to assess all the work that has been done by our Movement as regards ideas for over sixty years in Canada.

Just one example: in 1936, to talk about "free money" given without any condition was a scandal for almost everybody. Money had to be earned, people said.

Today, this idea is widely admitted. People recognize that every person has the right to live, and that one needs money to live in 2000.

Another example: before the existence of our Movement and journal, taxes were considered something sacred. Today, this error has disappeared in many minds. This is due to our Movement. Who dared to speak against taxes, if not "Michael"?

Changes first come through ideas. Laws follow ideas like fruits follow the flowers.

An assault of ideas

When the "Michael" Journal asks you to take part in a subscription assault, to increase its circulation, it amounts to an assault of ideas. If you achieve an assault of 10,000 subscriptions, you will have to talk to many more people, 60,000 or even more, through personal contacts. What a fantastic teaching! And this teaching will not end there, since people who subscribed will continue to receive the "Michael" Journal, which will continue the teaching you began in the minds of people. Laws will change when enough minds are changed.

The pressure we put on governments are excellent, but could not take place without the existence of the "Michael" Journal. This journal is the best means of applying pressure on governments and politicians, to open the minds of Members of Parliament and legislative assemblies.

And the "Michael" Journal does not only talk to Members of Parliament; it brings its demands with the strength of 100,000 trumpets resounding from coast to coast all over Canada, and even in other countries. Moreover, our millions of offprints, printed in ten different languages and diffused all over the world, increase the voice of "Michael". The word of "Michael" is public and written. It can reach a lot more people than the word spoken in a house. Its range is multiplied because it is a written word that reaches millions of households.

Each person in the household

We often ask ourselves why each subscriber to "Michael" does not take part in our subscription assaults. You probably also ask yourselves why, don't you?

Every subscriber, even every person in the household that receives the "Michael" Journal should be happy to solicit subscriptions, and find a new subscriber on the occasion of this assault at the turn of the third millennium.

The regular apostles and all the Pilgrims of Saint Michael must set for themselves an objective of subscriptions, and take the means to reach their objectives. Even you, simple reader of "Michael", you will make sure to find a new subscriber, won't you? You will even make sure that every person in your household takes part in this assault, and find a new subscriber too.

Let us enter the third millennium as invincible apostles of fire. An assault of 10,000 subscriptions in January to begin the new year means an average of 2,000 subscriptions per week. We can easily reach this objective with the personal effort of each one of you.

Be sure that it will be a tremendous step forward for the implementation of Social Credit, since the "Michael" Journal is the best means to change minds in favor of Social Credit, and that ideas change the course of history.

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