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on Tuesday, 01 May 2001. Posted in Social Credit apostolate

The power of truth

Social Crediter, do you remember the day when you came across Social Credit for the first time, and the very first time you began to understand this light?

What certainly struck you was its common sense, its equilibrium, its truth.

Social Credit was talking to you about economics and politics. These two areas, which were then so obscure to you, became clear all of a sudden. You suddenly understood a multitude of things. You have understood the link between ends and means. You have found the true place for ideas, things, and human beings.

Social Credit is a truth. This is why it is so enlightening.

You certainly feel grateful to the person who made you understand Social Credit, he who opened for you the window so you may have a look at this new horizon. You thank this person in your heart. You acknowledge all the good this person has done for you, since you have become a Social Crediter.

This Social Credit truth is a force for you. It gives you amounts of energy that had been so far unknown to you. Truth is a big force, a big power. One should not be surprised, since Almighty God is the God of truth.

Despite all the tricky lies, despite all the authorities that support them, truth always prevails, sooner or later. What truth needs to prevail is to be carried by people. What the Social Credit truth needs to prevail is to be carried by Social Crediters.

The truth that remains hidden has no power. On the other hand, the truth that is revealed, carried from one mind to another, is a truth that diffuses energy in the entire social body.

Social Crediter, have faith in the power of the truth, passed on to others by those who possess it. You want to avoid all the tricks and traps of rigged elections. If you want to continue to diffuse the truth with determination and vigor, the truth shall prevail by its own power.

Do you understand now, Social Crediter, what your part is, how you will succeed in having your Social Credit ideal implemented in a nation, in a society?

Your mission, your vocation, is to bring to others the Social Credit light. This light will make its way in a much better fashion than any material power. This light is a bigger spiritual power than any mass of matter.

Social Crediter, shout the Social Credit truth from the rooftops. Repeat it without tiring, without letting yourself be stopped by anything. This is your vocation.

The "Michael" Journal going in the homes is the most efficient way for a thorough diffusion of the Social Credit truth. That is why we ask you so often to solicit subscriptions to "Michael".


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