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A warm welcome for our Pilgrims in Australia

Written by Pierre Marchildon on Friday, 01 March 2002. Posted in Social Credit apostolate

The great charity of Mrs. Therese Rowanski, of Toronto, who gave us airplane tickets, allowed us, Pierre Marchildon and Jacek Morawa, to bring to Australia the message of the Pilgrims of St. Michael on social justice.

Mrs. Rowanski had offered us these tickets on December 28, 2001, and we left the next day for Australia. We had nothing prepared in advance for this tour; we set off on an adventure! Yet, our tour was successful beyond all our expectations!

The Australian people gave us a warm welcome. People organized for us themselves thirty-four meetings throughout Australia. Imagine, 34 meetings in 28 days, and you have to include into this the travelling between each place.

A nun in Australia loved so much the message we brought that she asked a good lady who had cancer to finance our travels by plane throughout Australia, in order to cover as many places as possible, like Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart (see map).

This good nun knew groups of people in all of these cities, and she asked them to organize meetings for us. These meetings were very successful, with attendances of 20, 30, 40, 70, and even 80 people. We held twelve meetings in Polish (presided over by Jacek Morawa). Many helped us to take subscriptions to "Michael" at the meetings.

We also attended a pilgrimage of 4,000 people at the Divine Mercy Shrine of Penrose Park, under the care of Polish Fathers, who asked Jacek to speak to the pilgrims and to distribute our leaflets in Polish and in English.

We met several prayer groups who still recite the Rosary and who are loyal to the Pope. They liked our stand against globalization and on the control of the United Nations which, according to Msgr. Schooyans, wants to invert human rights to such an extent that all vices will now be recognized as rights to be respected, and those who do not accept this fact will be tried and condemned by an international court.

In Australia, they are talking about introducing the American Express smart card (with the chip), and they even began to make propaganda in favor of the microchip under the skin as a means of identification.

We met over 1,200 people in our meetings. Many gave their names to distribute our leaflets, and many also subscribed to our "Michael" Journal to know more about the coming changes that will lead us towards a world government with absolute control over the human person.

We also met in Australia groups of Social Crediters loyal to the teachings of Clifford Hugh Douglas. One could read the following in the Nov. 1940 issue of the "Vers Demain" Journal (the French-language version of "Michael"):

"The Social Credit Movement began in Australia in 1930, through the impetus of a small group of Sydney. This group expanded a lot after the visit of Douglas in Australia in 1934. In 1935, about a hundred Social Credit meetings were held every week in Australia. Millions of Social Credit flyers have been distributed in that country. The New Era, a Social Credit journal published by Colin Barclay-Smith (see article pages 4-5) had a circulation of over 30,000;"

It is certainly because of all this Social Credit seed that the standard of living in Australia was higher than anywhere else. Without giving up their monopoly of money creation, the Financiers had to let more money circulate within the country, in front of Social Crediters on the move to educate the population. Since then, the Financiers have put all their might silencing the Social Credit voice in Australia, but the last word has not been said. We will light up the flame again!

Many people, also in Canada, prayed for the success of our tour. We could feel the protection of our mighty patron, St. Michael the Archangel, and of the patron of Australia, Our Lady, Help of Christians (see picture page 3), whose feast is on May 24.

We thank from the bottom of our hearts all those who received and accommodated us, those who organized meetings, all those who helped us in any way. The Good Lord will bless and reward them for their efforts and charity. We wish to see a multitude of Pilgrims of St. Michael rise up in Australia to have social justice prevail in that beautiful nation.

The Australian people have hearts of gold, and are very charitable. The welcome they gave us was as warm as their beautiful tropical weather. Long live the Australians! We say to them: See you soon!

Pierre Marchildon

Jacek Morawa

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