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A great awakening in the United States

on Saturday, 01 March 2003. Posted in Social Credit apostolate

Pierre Marchildon and Jacek Morawa

On January 13, 2003, Mr. Pierre Marchildon and Mr. Jacek Morawa left from Rouge. mont, Quebec, Canada for a six-week tour of apostolate in the United States. Their assignment was to meet with the subscribers and good collaborators of "Michael". Meetings were organized for them with different prayer groups, and even in some churches. Within the first eight days of their tour, they emptied their van that was full of 60,000 leaflets on the enlightening Apostolic Letter of Pope John Paul II on the power of the Rosary.

They held meetings in cities such as Buffalo, NY, Erie, PA, and Cleveland, OH where Mr. John Marra took 10,000 leaflets to cover churches in the area. In Pittsburgh, PA, Mrs. Linda Nevin of the Legion of Mary organized a wonderful meeting and encouraged the people to take our leaflets to cover the churches. At least 30 churches were covered by giving out 2,000 leaflets in two weeks time. Another collaborator in Pittsburgh was Mr. Joseph Decker who organized a beautiful meeting. He also came to Rougemont to our "Siege of Jericho" where he consecrated himself a slave of Our Lady in the Order of Saint Michael. Upon leaving back for the United States, he took 10,000 more leaflets with him. In Philadelphia, PA, we served Mr. Dominic Roberto and the Burnshaw family with another 10,000 leaflets.

A battalion of young Pilgrims of Saint Michael from Massachusetts and Quebec, Canada came to help our two apostles in Washington, D.C. with a new supply of 120,000 leaflets. Many people came from far away to the Basilica of Our Lady of the Im

maculate Conception for the vigil Mass that was celebrated with 20 Cardinals and Bishops and 1,000 faithful. in the church, an Irish group carried a banner with these words: "It is the Rosary that will stop abortion. It is the Rosary that will save the family."

This pro-life march is organized every year on the 22nd of January to protest the infamous abortion law that was passed in 1973 by the Supreme Court of the United States. 3,000 innocent babies are now murdered every day in the United States by abortion.

This year's attendance at the march beat all records with over 250,000 people participating. It was edifying to see numerous young people from all across the USA proclaim respect for life, asking that the murderous laws which allow abortion be changed.

After the vigil Mass, these Pilgrims distributed leaflets to all the bus organizers to bring them back to their home parishes. That evening, many of these Pilgrims were very well received to eat and sleep by Mr. & Mrs. Zdislaw Frutowski who live in Washington, D.C. This permitted the Pilgrims to be close to the Basilica to continue the distribution the next day. May God bless them for their hospitality!

Before the march started on the next day, thousands of leaflets were given to the huge crowd listening to the out-door conferences. Finally, thousands of leaflets were also given to all of the out-of-state buses that came to pick up their passengers at the train station at the end of the march. A total of 70,000 leaflets were distributed in Washington, D.C. at the pro-life march. We thank Mr. Salvatore Barresi Jr. from Boston, MA who generously paid for all the expenses involved in attending this event.

On the same weekend, a good group of families (the Boulrice, Boudreau, and Jacques families) from Massachusetts distributed the same leaflet on the Rosary at the pro-life march in Hartford, CT which was organized by Mrs. Mary Timmins from Portland, CT. May God bless all the sacrifices and efforts that were put into the distribution of this new document on the Rosary.

Onward south After the distribution in Washington, D.C., Mr. Marchildon and Mr. Morawa continued south for Virginia, the Carolina's, Florida, Georgia, and Louisiana with another van full of 40,000 leaflets in English, 20,000 in Spanish, and 5,000 in Polish.

In Miami, FL, Mrs. Antonieta Correa-Cayon organized a big meeting for them with a place to stay at her friend Juan for a whole week. They met many dynamic Spanish prayer groups, and in no time at all, their 20,000 leaflets in Spanish were distributed to many groups and churches. They received orders for another 100,000 feaflets in Spanish that people wanted to send to other countries such as Columbia, Cuba, Mexico, Chile, Venezuela, Ecuador, Argentina, Peru, and parts of Central America. The leaflets were all sent to be stored at the home of Mr. Hercedes Morales. Several religious bookstores in Miami took our leaflets to give out. We mention in

particular the Libreria Fiat Voluntas Tua (at 2336 SW 67th Avenue in Miami). In Florida, they met many more good people in many cities such as Palm Coast, St. Augustine, West Palm Beach, St. Petersburg, Brandenton, Deltona, Orlando, etc.

They then took the time to go to New Orleans, LA where Mrs. Nancy Albert organized a beautiful meeting with many different prayer groups. Father Richard Mile received them very well, and asked them to say a word at the Mass. They were then allowed to spread their leaflets after the Masses on Saturday and Sunday.

In Houma, LA, Mr. Louis Saia invited them to give a talk at a meeting they held at his home. They also spoke for an hour with Mary's Helpers Radio Program, a local radio station. Many subscriptions to "Michael" were taken at all of these meetings, and thousands of leaflets were distributed.

On the way back After five weeks of meetings, and leaflet distribution, the two Pilgrims started on their way back to Canada. They stopped in Georgia near Atlanta where they held a beautiful meeting in Spanish organized by Maria Perez, Over 60 people attended this meeting, and our Pilgrims received the news that Mr. Carlos A. Reyes of Ecuador started to edit the new Spanish "Michael" Journal. Almost everyone subscribed to the Spanish "Michael" and ordered Spanish leaflets to distribute.

The two Pilgrims then contacted people in Texas, particularly in Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. Mrs. Lee Bowers received the permission of her Bishop to distribute our new leaflet on the Rosary in English and in Spanish. She is now organizing to have this leaflet distributed to all 150 parishes of the Diocese of Houston, and finally to have, on May 13th, a huge gathering for everyone at the cathedral for a Rosary procession in honor of the Year of the Rosary. We are willing to supply her with over 100,000 leaflets for this special event. We wish this would be done in every diocese in the whole world to stop this war and to restore the value of the family.

Going back to Canada, they stopped at 100 churches, and offered leaflets to all of these parishes. No one refused even once.

The results At our office in Massachusetts, which is held by Mr. and Mrs. Yves Jacques, they already received orders by telephone and by mail for 125,000 leaflets. For the whole tour of meetings and contacts, 545,000 leaflets were served and 800 subscriptions to "Michael" were taken in English, French, Polish, and Spanish. The two Pilgrims mentioned that they saw a unity and harmony with everyone working together against our common enemy, Satan and his rebellious angels, in this last battle to save souls.

Mr. Marchildon and Mr. Morawa would like to thank everyone that prayed for them, and especially those who received them in their homes and helped to spread this so-important Letter of John Paul Il on the Rosary. This document is an excellent means to evangelize the people to go back and pray the Rosary as was requested so many times by the Blessed Virgin to bring peace and save Christianity. The Virgin Mary said that "war is a punishment for the sins of men." Only then will the people have the grace to convert, go back to confession, and do their duty in society for social justice.

If you would like to organize a meeting yourself or order leaflets to distribute, please contact our head office at: (450) 469-2209. Long live America the Beautiful!

Pierre Marchildon

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