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A call on apostles

Written by Gilberte Côté-Mercier on Tuesday, 01 October 2002. Posted in Social Credit apostolate

Are you a Christian? Have you been baptized? Yes, you have received this sacrament one day, maybe the day after your birth, from the Church. What did you ask of the Church on that day? Faith in Christ! And the Church answered your call. It chased out the devil that was in you, and gave you faith and wisdom. So you are now a Christian. Your chief is Christ. You follow Him like your Master. You like Him like one loves one's father. You obey Him like one obeys a leader. Your program is set up by Him. You are at His service, a soldier in his army. He called you to baptism. He still calls you today, to work in His vineyard. He could do the harvest all by Himself, but it is His plan of love to invite you to harvest with Him. He is waiting for answers to His calls of love. He is looking for workers, for the harvest that is waiting, and abundant.

You refuse to harvest with Christ? If you do so, you betray your baptism. Alas, you have betrayed your baptism so many times! You are even surprised when you are reminded of your baptism. You had almost forgotten it, and its meaning.

You are baptized, and even confirmed with the Holy Spirit. You are a disciple of Christ, so pull yourself together! Meditate in your heart, and join Christ; follow Him to harvest souls.

You who read these lines and are a teenager, you are thinking about your future. You don't have any regrets about the past yet. And may you never have any! You must decide right now to become a worker at the harvest with Christ. Will you join Him?

"Where shall I go, and what is this voice that is calling me?" you will say. Well, are you among those who know the "Michael" Journal, that denounces injustices and evil as did St. John the Baptist when he spoke to Herod? The spiritual descendants of Herod, those who behave like him, need people like John the Baptist to tell them the truth about their sins, to change their lives and to repent. You know that the "Michael" Journal tells the truth and denounces evil, like John the Baptist. So, this voice you are hearing within you, it is the voice of "Michael".

Besides, you love Christ, because your soul is pure. You are ready to sacrifice yourself, to suffer, to face persecution to follow the great Crucified One onto Calvary. You would be proud indeed to imitate Christ in such a manner. Well, look at the Pilgrims of St. Michael, those you know. They go from door to door, they beg for their meals and night's lodgings, they humble themselves, and they are persecuted. They do it out of love for their neighbours, their fellow countrymen, for a better world. Like all the great patriots of history, they offer their youth for the wellbeing of the homeland. Do you want, young man, young lady, to imitate them and join the Pilgrims of St. Michael?

They walk under the banner of St. Michael the Archangel, because it is St. Michael who is the leader of the true patriots, and he has them follow Christ. Young man, young lady, it is the voice of St. Michael that you hear, that calls you to join his army, the Pilgrims of St. Michael.

"But what will my parents say?" Dear young man, dear young lady, when it is God who calls you, your parents must accept it, because it is God's will. Of course, your parents cannot joyfully send you to sacrifices. Even the Virgin Mary begged Her Son not to let Himself be crucified. It is the same thing for your parents. You cannot ask them to decide themselves to send you to a life of sacrifices and self-denial; it would be beyond them. It has to be your own decision. You will decide yourself, with the help of God. Pray to win over your point. Pray for your parents, and God will see to it that you can answer His call.

If you are sixteen, you can join us right now as a Pilgrim of St. Michael. We are waiting for you in our motherhouse in Rougemont. If you are under sixteen, you can come for the holidays, for the summer. And in the meantime, fill your heart with the thought of Christ. Quit smoking, put amusements away, and receive Holy Communion often. Write to us if you are interested in joining us. We will tell you what you must do.

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