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Global Control through the RFID Chip - 250 bundle

Free Width: 29 cm
Length: 21 cm
Height: 25 cm

This 8-page leaflet contains explanations on the new Radio Frequency Identification Chip, a speech of Msgr. Schooyans who denounces the New World Order, words of Pope Benedict XVI, a new financial system that respects God's plan for His Creation, how to apply Social Credit locally, etc.


Global Control through the RFID Chip
Monsignor Schooyans denounces the New World Order
New World Order – A Horrific Utopia?
A new financial system that respects God’s plan for His Creation
Pope Benedict and Cardinal Biffi on the Apocalypse
Some quotes on the NWO
The Goal of the Illuminati
How to apply Social Credit locally
The True Owners Of MOney

You can order as many of this free leaflet as you whish but donations are greatly appreciate to cover shipping cost.

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