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Three Days of Darkness?

Written by Yves Jacques on Monday, 01 March 2021.

Fr. James Blount: foreshadowing the

Father James Blount is a priest of the Society of Our Lady of the Trinity, Georgia Mission. A very gifted spiritual director and confessor, Father Jim is a bold, charismatic preacher endowed and empowered with the gifts of the Holy Spirit. He speaks of living a life in relationship with each of the Persons of the Holy Trinity, the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. His humble boldness and untiring drive to minister to the lost and ill are particularly noteworthy.

Dedicated to his healing and deliverance ministry, Father Blount preaches and proclaims the Gospel whenever and wherever he can, in the United States, and abroad.

I have had the privilege to meet Fr. Blount — the first time at My Father’s House Retreat Center in Moodus, CT in May 2018, and then at the Malvern Retreat House in Malvern, PA in December of that same year.

He has often experienced visions and received Heavenly inspiration during his retreats. (I have witnessed this.) He is very “attuned” to the Blessed Mother, Our Lord, and many saints. The following is his account of one of these experiences. — Yves Jacques

It was totally unexpected. I was giving a parish retreat at a church in Georgia. As I arrived at the parish with my helper who was driving me, Dr. David, we got out of the car and started heading toward the church when my attention was drawn upwards. I looked up at the sky before I crossed the parking lot and was startled, but pleasantly surprised, by a vision of the Virgin Mary high up in the sky was totally unexpected.

I saw the beautiful Mother! In my community we are totally consecrated to Our Lady: all the priests and religious, deacons and even the laity. We go through St. Louis de Montfort’s True Devotion, prepare for 33 days and make a total consecration of our lives. Our founder was a true son of Mary, Father Jim Flanagan. So I’ve been in love with Our Lady for a long time: not just loving her, but in love with her.

She’s like the woman of my life, in particular. She’s unutterably beautiful! Mother Angelica once said that “When the angels look at Mary they swoon — they gasp for breath at her beauty!” This is true actually. It’s true! I long for the day when everyone knows this reality of God’s Mona Lisa. Mary is God’s Mona Lisa; His finest creation.

I had the joy of seeing her in the air, way up in the air, over the church. She must have been quite large because I was way down on the ground and she was miles up in the air. I basically saw Mary’s torso; from her waist to the top of her head. She’s quite beautiful. Our Lady was holding something in her hands.

I live in the presence of Our Lady every day, so it wasn’t that I was startled because a true Catholic lives in the Heart of Mary. She’s the Ark of the New Covenant and we live in her as a sure refuge, so I was not that surprised. Like when I was a boy I’d go into the kitchen and my mom would be cooking. I wouldn’t be surprised to see my mom in the kitchen. And I wasn’t surprised to see Mama up there. She’s the Queen of the Universe. I just wasn’t that surprised — but happy!

I saw her. She was holding something in her hand. It was black and it was dark. As I looked, I didn’t know what it was. It was something in her hand that seemed to be curved. She was holding what was like a roll of something in her hands.

As I looked at Mama she made a motion and, whatever it was began to unroll. I realized at that moment it was a ream of material, a ream of cloth. It began to roll out from her hand. She was still holding it, but it was rolling out and I saw it come down and and then turn around and circle around the globe.

As I was standing there, it circled all the way around the earth and came back to where we were in Georgia — in seconds — then it went around again a few degrees over, and again and again, to wrap the entire world in this black fabric.

I saw the words spelled out in front of me. I saw the words in my spirit — blackout: b-l-a-c-k-o-u-t — blackout. Then the whole thing disappeared.

So it didn’t scare me in any way. I thought it was very interesting because the Lord told us to read the signs of the times. We have to be aware of what is happening because God is on the move. The devil has been on the move for a long time and he’s about to get his just reward — his punishment — soon! And God will work His victory through His Holy Mother. So we need to be attuned to the Holy Spirit and to the Holy Virgin.

The vision disappeared. I wasn’t totally surprised because I know the prophecies of the saints, the blesseds and the venerables about a great tribulation and a possible blackout and an illumination of conscience: Three Days of Darkness. I did not know what this [vision] referred to but my first thought was the Three Days of Darkness because it was a total blackout of the world.

But there have also been other prophecies about the whole world being reduced by Our Lady to a much simpler way of life worldwide. And that speaks almost directly of a breakdown of all electronics, which would make you think of the new EMP bombs (electromagnetic pulse bombs) that some countries have even aimed at our country right now — which would not kill anybody directly, but would destroy all electronic circuitry in the whole land.

So in other words all cell phones would go out and televisions and computers. It’s probably the best thing that could happen to the country today — the best thing — because our people, and our teenagers in particular, are being ruined by electronics.

So if all that is wiped out we will have to go back to a simpler way of life where, lo and behold, we will have to start reading books, actually look at books, and maybe cook with fire. A simpler way of life which would probably inculcate more peace, more wisdom and more virtue. So I knew it could be referring to that as well.

Well, the vision disappeared. I went in and gave the day of retreat and left with my helper. As David brought me out to the car, I looked up and I saw it again, some six hours later! There’s Mama up in the air, holding the black ream. And it unfolded in her hand, rolled out, covered the earth, spun all the way around and the whole earth was covered in a matter of a minute. And I saw the word “blackout” and then it disappeared.

Well! When God does a thing a second time, He’s using a punctuation mark, you might say. I took that, and explained to David what I was seeing. David knows that these things happen [to me]. As the song says “Great things happen when God mixes with man — great things!” As the bible says, “Signs and wonders accompanied the apostles wherever they went.”

David drove me to the home of one of the parishioners where they were having a dinner for us with this lovely Catholic family as a way of resting after a day of hard work.

As I got out of the car to walk into the house, I saw it a third time! Straight up in the air over their garage! Up in the air was Mother Mary! A little closer this time, but still with the big black material, which spun out over the whole world — “blackout” — so three times in one day the Lord gave me this vision and I thought of that scripture verse that “a triple cord cannot be broken”.

That was my interesting and unexpected experience. I believe that Our Lord and Our Holy Mother were giving me a warning, not so much personally, but as a priest, as a pastor, to have His people get ready. We are living in very unusual times — very unusual times! You could quite honestly say, apocalyptic times.

God is on the move, and His chief instrument is Mary — and then the angels, then His Holy Church. Some great things are going to be coming soon. I believe it will be a shake-up of the whole world, including the illumination of conscience, so that the world can wake up and back away from darkness and begin, in repentance, to walk in the joy of the light of her Son, Jesus Christ.

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