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“The time has come to stand up and denounce the banking system”

on Tuesday, 01 October 2013.

Most Rev. Cyr Nestor Yapaupa, coadjutor Bishop of the diocese of Alindao, Central African Republic, whom we had the special honor of receiving for our week of study and the Congress, has traced an extraordinary plan of action for his diocese to make Louis Even's writings on Social Credit known. Here we quote his appreciation for this week of study led by Alain Pilote in August, 2013, and based on his book Social Credit explained in 10 lessons:

by Bishop Cyr-Nestor Yapaupa

We have learned here a lot of things: the creation and birth of money, the workings of banks, the economy and debts; the memory we are bringing home with us is the Social Credit system we have learned. We have found that the banking system put into place by the bankers is a heavy burden for the nations. This system is crushing us. This system is suffocating us.

One talks a lot nowadays of crimes against humanity; however, one never speaks about the present banking system. This banking system must also be considered as a crime against humanity. That is to say, those who put this system in place are assassins, criminals. Because of them, today, there is poverty in the world. Because of them, today, many people are dying. Because of their system, there are wars in the world.

So, shall we always remain idle and watch them continue their evil schemes? NO! I think the time has come for us to stand up and begin, first of all, to denounce this banking system. Our role, for us, as bishops and with you priests and laymen, our role as Christians, as prophets, is to denounce evil. And if we see something evil and say nothing, it means that we are the accomplices of this evil. In the Gospel that we read at Mass a few days ago, John the Baptist denounced what is evil (Herod who had no right to take the wife of his brother.) John the Baptist denounced the evil of his time. Like John the Baptist, it is our role and duty to denounce evil, the evil of a banking system that is in the process of destroying our world.

And when we denounce it, we must not stop there. After denouncing it, we must act. We must propose something. And what we should propose to others is Social Credit. We are all invited to propose to our people, to our brothers and sisters, Social Credit as an essential means of fighting, of eradicating the evil, of eradicating poverty in the world.

Social Credit is on the move. We must continue to make it known. Social Credit will allow the blossoming of the human person. Because of this, we cannot give up. Yesterday, there were mothers who told us: "With prayer, we will succeed." Yes! With prayer we will succeed. With the Rosary, we will succeed, but we also must propose things because the bankers are not going to let themselves be pushed around!

We must therefore work hard, make Social Credit known, deepen our knowledge of Social Credit, to have a solid base and stand fast before these assassins. If we do not have a solid base, they will sweep you away after. Therefore, there is prayer but there is also work, which we have already begun. As the proverb says, God helps only those who help themselves. If we pass our time praying but do not work, we will not get results. We have to do both, prayer and action; that makes a sense of balance.

This work will lead us to financial liberation if we get down to it, if each one does his and her part where he lives, in his circle. (Editor's note: Bishop Yapaupa, for example, organized a study session on Social Credit with all the priests of his diocese at the end of November, 2013, and is working to have all the schools and seminaries of the Central African Republic talk about Social Credit, thus finding a way to reach all the students and workers.) If each one begins to work at it seriously, I think we will succeed, and our victory will be great. This victory, if we ever manage to get it over the financial assassins, the peoples and nations of the whole world will be relieved. So, I invite you to pray and work; both go together.

Since my arrival here in Rougemont, I have been truly impressed by the lives of the Pilgrims of Saint Michael; it really touched me. There is not only the social side, but also the spiritual side. For that I say thank you, thank you for all that you are doing in a country where we see that spirituality is disappearing, but where there are still groups of people who give themselves to God. Congratulations!

We came here, we saw, we lived, we heard. If tomorrow we leave for home and we cross our arms, tomorrow they will ask us: "What did you do? Did you so something for the advancement of the Social Credit cause, or have you taken three steps back?

I want to invite you all to go forward, to take the time to work well. It is only once we no longer hear of the banking assassins and the whole world speak the language of Social Credit, that we will truly say we have won."

Bishop Cyr-Nestor Yapaupa


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