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The European Union and the Culture of Death

Written by Marie-Anne Jacques on Tuesday, 01 April 2008.

The Earth Charter, through the United Nations, has promoted the culture of death under the guise of words such as "reproductive rights" and "discrimination" for years. Population control through abortion, euthanasia and homosexual marriage has spread throughout the European Union under the influence of the United Nations. They now stand on the brink of a total annihilation of morality since they adopted these ideals and are putting them into practice.

Contrary to the boasts of European Commissioner Jose Barroso; the European Union is not exactly a utopia as he would like to have us believe. It seems as if through the European Union, the agenda of the culture of death through the United Nations is transitory from paperwork to policy, and we can see these opinions are being diffused throughout the western world as well.

European Bishops and the World Congress of Families are now setting a challenge before the European Union. "The traditional family, we like to call the natural family as God ordained it, is certainly under attack in Europe." The EU is also attempting to convince member states to recognize "de facto unions and registered partnerships," according to Susan Yoshihara from the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute. "The EU is exceeding its mandate in some of these areas. By doing that, essentially what the EU is doing is driving family policy in countries that are trying to preserve the traditional family." (Such as Poland and Malta). Jacobs says partnerships between groups like the World Congress of Families and European Bishops, help level the playing field. "There's extreme pressure to try to redefine marriage. Countries like Latvia and Poland have been subjected to European scrutiny and possible sanctions for their stand on traditional marriage." Jacobs adds that some of the damage has already been done from these attacks on the family. He points to research showing dwindling fertility rates throughout the European population. (LifeSiteNews)

The European Court of Human Rights has been successfully used by homosexual activists in a bid to force a sovereign nation to change its laws protecting children. A lesbian woman has obtained a ruling from the court that effectively prohibits France from refusing adoption to homosexuals. She was awarded 24,500 euros (35,500 U.S. dollars) in damages and court expenses.

The woman's lawyer, Caroline Mecary, admitted in a statement that the case had been pursued as a political measure to overturn French law. "The consequences of this decision are important," Mecary said. "Henceforth, France will no longer be able to refuse approval to an unmarried person on the grounds of their homosexuality."

She said the case would reach from France out to other countries of the European Union. "The same thing will be true for other member countries of the Council of Europe which allow adoption by unmarried people."

The Luxembourg Parliament passed the Euthanasia Bill and is now set to become the third country in EU to legalize euthanasia. The Luxembourg Parliament voted by a slim margin to legalize euthanasia on February 19, becoming the third country in the European Union to do so.

The law was passed by a vote of 30 to 26. The vote was heralded as a defeat for Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker's Social Christian Party, which was strongly against the bill. Nearly all of the members of the Social Christian Party voted against the measure.

"The Christian Social Party and the Catholic Church were against the euthanasia law, calling it murder, but we said no, it's just another way to go," said Jean Huss, a member of the Green Party, and co-sponsor of the bill.

"This bill is not a permit to kill," said Socialist Lydie Err, who helped draft the bill. "It's not a law for the parents or the doctors but for the patient and the patient alone, to decide if he wants to put an end to his suffering."

The Netherlands became the first country in the European Union to legalize euthanasia in 2002, with Belgium following that example in 2003. Luxembourg's euthanasia bill has passed the first reading by one vote and will be legalized if it passes the second reading. Every member of the ruling Christian Social Party would need to vote against the euthanasia bill to ensure that it would be defeated. (LifeSiteNews)

European patriots who are standing up against this agenda proposed by the United Nations through the European Union are few, but they are struggling valiantly to keep their religious faith and culture. They continue to promote truly Christian marriages where children are welcomed and loved, the elderly are cared for, and families become true "beacons of light" for the world.

Let us continue to expose these evils and work together to re-establish a true Christian society. We must pray to Our Mother Mary for guidance and strength, to wage the battle against the forces of evil, with the help of St. Michael and the entire heavenly army.

Marie Anne Jacques

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