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Letters to the Editor

on Sunday, 01 January 2012. Posted in Letters to the editor

For the first time, MICHAEL Journal is offering its readers the opportunity to express themselves with a new page dedicated specifically for their comments, and/or suggestions. We welcome you and invite you to be the authors of this new page in our Journal. God bless you all in the battle for justice! – The Editor

Dear Editor,
Please accept this letter with my deepest and most sincere appreciation for providing my dear suffering mother with the MICHAEL Journal editions which contained a brief history of psychology/psychiatry and the current medical atrocities claiming lives of weak, sick, and uninformed innocent people. This missing piece of the puzzle was critical for me in understanding the full scope of the problem, now I can expose the truth in court. I was convicted by a biased Judge and my attorney was advised by the “SSRI Defendants” brochure during my trial.
My family, friends and I have been doing extensive research for the past 4 years in order to delve into the abyss of ideological evil, corporate greed and medical corruption. What we have learned is mind-boggling to say the least. Once again, I am eternally grateful for the information you have provided my mother and I, please pray for me to have the strength, courage, intellect and God’s blessings to continue. – A victim of society, USA

Dear MICHAEL Journal,
Thank you very much for the many wonderful and enlightening years you have given me by sending me copies of the MICHAEL Journal. I will do the best that I can to impart to others what I have gained from your Journal. May Our Lord Jesus Christ and our Blessed Mother Mary bless you in all your apostolate. – Ambrosio Carlos Lubila

Dear Editor,
Seasonal greetings from India. I wish you and all the readers of your renowned magazine a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I enjoy reading your magazine, it is both interesting and inspiring to me. It supplies me ample matters for my homilies and instructions to various members of pious associations. Thank you very much for this kind and charitable gesture on your part. I wish you all the best and God’s blessings upon your press apostolate. – Fr. S. John Joseph, India

Dear MICHAEL Journal,
Enclosed is a check to be sure that my subscription continues. Your informative newspaper is most important. Thank you. In Jesus and Mary. – Elvira L. Papadia, USA

Dear Editor,
I just received the magazine in the new format. I really like it, and I really liked your article about the homeschooling. Thank you and please pray for me. – Diane Benedek, Canada

Dear MICHAEL Journal,
Would it be possible to buy a few copies of the last issue of MICHAEL? Last Friday, I met a woman who had received an issue from her pastor at the Church. Fr. Santos was giving out copies to the parishioners. When I met her she was reading the article concerning Blessed Andre Bessette and the forthcoming canonization.
I personally, as well as my mother, father and siblings were especially touched by Brother Andre as our family lived in the West Warwick/Coventry area of Rhode Island, USA. There was a miraculous intervention through Brother Andre before my birth in January 1935. Both my youngest sister and I have become nuns. Thank you and be blessed through the intercession of Blessed Brother Andre. – Sister Helen E. Provost, USA

Dear MICHAEL Journal,
I look forward to my MICHAEL Journal every quarter. I am trying to understand Social Credit to the point where I can intelligently engage someone in a conversation about it. Thank you very much – Judith Woodruff, USA

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