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Diverse articles april 1960

on Friday, 01 April 1960. Posted in Diverse Articles

The answer — Social Credit

Working in voluntary co-operation, it is physically possible for individuals in all Western countries to provide themselves with all the requirements of a civilized life with reasonable hours of work. The only reason why the individual cannot obtain satisfaction is because of financial rules which are deliberately maintained to ensure that the individual cannot obtain satisfaction. Anyone who suggests that rising prices can be halted by coercing individuals into working harder, producing more (rockets for the moon), and consuming less, is either wilfully evil or has been so brain-washed that he cannot see reality.

Inflation is the major problem in every industrial country in the world. Until financial rules are altered to reflect economic facts, the only alternative to inflation is deflation. But both deflation and inflation are disastrous and help further the break-up of society and the establishment of dictatorship. The real answer to inflation is relatively simple. But many people would rather accept the drive towards the World State rather than face this fact.

"The New Times", Oct. 18, 1957

Socialism and communism

Nothing can be understood about world affairs unless terms are clear, and particularly the two terms which are so much used today: Socialism and Communism. The former is widely used in seeming opposition to the latter, which has taken on in Western ears an evil sound, while the former is respectable and benign. This should not be. Both are identical in every respect. The term "Communism" only came into general use about 1923 (it was known long before that) when the socialists in Russia determined to use the already existing peasant communes on which to build a Socialist State. Thus it was that Russia, and not some other nation, was chosen as the site of the start of the World Revolution. The party was known for years as the Socialist Party. Marx was its prophet and Lenin its chief priest. The latter invariably referred to the party and its adherents as "Socialist," and in only one of his writings can I find any reference to Communists. This was when he said: "It does not matter one whit whether three-quarters of the people of the world perish. What matters is that the quarter which remain are Communists."

The disease from which the world suffers is socialism; its poison is administered by the United Nations; and its goal is World Government. To wrongly diagnose this illness is fatal.



"Faith can literally move mountains and prevail against all the forces of the anti-Christ and the materialist hell which man has created by worshipping man instead of ascertaining and obeying those rules of the universe, which as Douglas said, transcend human thinking.

"'The true Social Crediter should no more be dominated by his social environment than the early Christians were dominated by the situation they faced. They believed that the spirit could conquer and fashion the material. The Social Crediter who is weakened in his faith is partially defeated. I come to realise more and more the truth of Douglas' observation, that quality and not mere numbers will decide the issue. And quality depends upon Faith. I believe that occasions such as these should be used to rededicate ourselves to serve Truth, not necessarily and only because of any material reward, but in order that if we first seek the Kingdom everything else shall be given unto us — if not to us, then to our children."

Eric BUTLER "New Times" - Oct. 4, 1957

His trials - his hopes

Somerset, Manitoba, February 16, 1960

I have been a Crediter from the very beginning. My wife an I have been the happiest people in the world to hear the magnificent talks given by Mrs. Côté-Mercier (directress of the Union of Electors — Ed.) over the radio each Saturday. We get our neighbors to listen to these talks.

Last week we had the pleasure of hearing Mr. Gerard Mercier on the radio. We were delighted with the merciless whip-lashing which he administered to our blind leaders, asleep in their egoism, for leaving thousands of families to suffer hunger in a country as rich as our Canada. We are one of those families.

I have 8 children, 6 of whom are going to school. We are living off our meagre family allowance cheque: $50 a month. I am unemployed. During the summer I work on construction. During the winter there is no work for us in our trade. Last winter and this winter I didn't get a cent of unemployment insurance because I didn't have enough stamps. If it weren't for the fact that we get a little aid from religious charity we'd freeze and starve like rats. I am 54 years old but I feel like 70 with all this poverty and want weighing upon my shoulders. My wife and I can't sleep at nights.

I know very well that many others are suffering the same hardships as we do, but this doesn't help us any. The hardships of one do not relieve the sufferings of another. We are all victims of this barbarous financial regime which has absolutely no respect for human rights. You are perfectly right when you say in Vers Demain and The Union of Electors that the existing financial system is hateful, anti-social and inhuman. You are giving us hope. The dividend of $25 a month which we are demanding with such insistence is urgently needed. We are heirs who have been robbed of our legacy now for years.

We were very happy to receive the visit of your missionary, Louis Philippe Bouchard. In spite of the very severe cold we went taking subscriptions from door to door; we garnered some 20. I am going to get down to work seriously taking subscriptions so that I may contribute my modest bouquet to the magnificent offering of 60,000 subscriptions to be presented to M. Even (director-general of the movement — Ed.) on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of his magnificient apostolate in the work of spreading Social Credit.


This voice speaking from the very depths of poverty and want would touch the heart of anyone who has not deliberately blinded himself to such glaring injustice through a desire for wealth and power. Mr. Wilfrid Boulet's letter is heart-rending. And yet the voice is the voice of a man of courage and hope.

He relates his misery almost matter-of-factly. And yet he is aware that he is not alone in these conditions. His distress has not blinded him to the thousands of other families here in Canada suffering a like fate.

Mr. Boulet is not satisfied to sit down and cry about his lot. He is determined to do something about it. He has joined thousands of other in the great work of the Union of Electors.

Mr. Boulet wants to see a Social Credit society come into existence. So he takes the most direct way of achieving it. He takes subscriptions to the movement's papers. He knows that the more people that come to realize the iniquity of the existing financial system and the remedy which Social Credit proposes, the quicker will a Social Credit civilization be realized.

This is Wilfrid Boulet's hope. This is the hope of tens of thousands of others who living in want or insecurity, look to Social Credit for the dawn of new era. Help these gallant people in their fight for you as well as for themselves. Make Social Credit known through the pages of The Union of Electors!

E. M.

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