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Three books on Social Credit

Three books on Social Credit
CAD25.00 each
CAD20.00 per unit for buying at least 5
CAD17.50 per unit for buying at least 10
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An exceptional offer: three books on Social Credit to study the cause of the present financial crisis and put an end to poverty amidst plenty

It is urgent to start and form study circles in every country of the world to put an end to the present financial crisis and propose a solution that puts the economic and financial systems at the service of the human person. If we don’t take action, we’ll have a world government and the total loss of our freedom. These three books are:

  1. Economic Democracy, viewed in the light of the Social Doctrine of the Church (151 pages); a study prepared by Alain Pilote that is used for our seminars on the occasion of the week of study.

  2. In This Age of Plenty (410 pages), by Louis Even, a masterpiece of logic and clarity, with over 50 chapters plus appendices.

  3. From Debt to Prosperity (112 pages) by J. Crate Larkin. It is this booklet that changed the course of the life of Louis Even and made him a Social Crediter in 1934. "It was a great light on my path," Louis Even said.

Since our first goal is to spread the news and educate the population, we offer for a limited time, a special price for these three books (the prices given include the shipping):

Social Credit in 10 lessons: 8 dollars
In this Age of Plenty: 15 dollars
From Debt to Proserity: 5 dollars

There is also a better deal for those who wish to order in large quantities:

1 set of the three books: 25 dollars
5 sets (of the three books) 100 dollars
10 sets (of the three books) 175 dollars

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