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was necessary and leaving the rest unaltered. To this           Today’s division of labour
        end, Social Credit has clearly defined the terms ‘pro-   In  the  modern  world,  no  one  produces  all  the
        duction’ and ‘distribution’. It further distinguishes be-  goods necessary for their own subsistence, comfort
        tween the ‘physical means’ and the ‘financial means’   and  pleasure.  Work  is,  more  and  more,  partitioned
        necessary to ensure the successful distribution of   and specialized.
                                                                 The division and specialization of labour con-
               No longer a production problem                tributes to abundant production but it forces each
            Modern productive capacity is almost limitless   producer to offer to the rest of the community the
        in volume and variety. In peacetime, products are    many products not required for personal use. Each
        available or can be made readily available in large   consumer must obtain from others the goods they
        quantities to respond to consumers’ needs. Today’s   require for their various needs. From this fact there is
        economic problems are no longer about produc-        an increased requirement for a means of distribution
        tion but rather about distribution.                  that is both flexible and functional.
            Private property and free enterprise have dem-       In civilized countries money was instituted as
        onstrated the ability to provide goods and services   a tool to facilitate the distribution of goods. In the
        in abundance. Nothing justifies denouncing or elim-  hands of an individual, money is thus a claim to the
        inating private property or free enterprise.         variety of available products.
            The  satisfaction  of human  needs,  not  profit,      Production as the basis for money
        must be the goal of production. Nevertheless, profit     The  total  of  consumer  credits  must  be  equal  to
        is a proven incentive. Removing this incentive could   the amount of consumer goods that are available or
        reduce  productive  output and  harm  consumers      that could readily be made. In a Social Credit system,
        through imposed and avoidable privation.             money would be based on the products that respond
            A system capable of maintaining the incentive    to consumers’ needs rather than on a single entity
        offered by profit, while guaranteeing the proper dis-  such as gold, or on the self-interest of profiteers such
        tribution of products, would serve both producers’   as the private controllers of money and credit.
        and consumers’ interests.                                Since individuals cannot obtain products unless
            Social  Credit  supports free  enterprise  and   they have money, and since the goal of production is
        the  profit  incentive  but  would  keep  profits  within   the satisfaction of the needs of all members of soci-
        bounds through  a  Price Adjustment  mechanism.      ety, it follows that all of society’s members must have
        Both the National Dividend and the Adjusted Price    a  minimum  amount  of  money  to  buy  a  minimum
        would allow an abundance of goods and services to    amount of goods.
        be distributed to every consumer.                        Money is presently distributed through salaries,  u

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                                                    Pius XI  Pius XII  John XXIII  Paul VI  John Paul II
                                                      A study prepared by Alain Pilote
                                                    Published by  the Pilgrims of St. Michael, Rougemont, Canada
                                     And they still hesitate to change the wheel!
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