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Distribution Economics:

          Guiding Principles of Social Credit

            The previous article notes that “in the  forty   serve their members;
        years between 1934 and 1974, Louis Even wrote        members must not be
        an extensive and general survey of Social Credit     expected to serve the
        that would require an entire encyclopedia to re-     association.
        produce”. Mr. Even stated that the purpose of So-     To provide goods to each and every person
        cial Credit was the distribution of abundance; that
        it was money in the hands of citizens which was          A truly social economic system must therefore
        lacking, not products.  Following is the text of an   ensure that earthly goods meet the temporal needs
        article written by him in 1947 which explores the    of EACH and ALL members of society. According to
        guiding principles of Social Credit economics.       Pope Pius XI,
            Social Credit states that a truly humane pol-        “For then only will the economic and social
        itical, economic and social system must seek to      organism  be  soundly  established  and  attain  its
        establish and maintain the rights of all individuals.   end, when it secures for all and each those goods
        Temporal, economic, financial and governmental       which the wealth and resources of nature, technical
                                                             achievement, and the social organization of eco-
        institutions must serve the individuals and families   nomic affairs can give” (Encyclical letter Quadrages-
        that comprise society and not vice-versa.            imo Anno).
            The following paragraphs outline the principles      The share made available to each person must
        that guide Social Credit economics. It is concerned   be sufficient to meet basic needs. Pius XI continued,
        more specifically with the economics of distribu-
        tion and, more precisely, with the financial system      “These goods must be sufficient to supply all
        that is required to support a distributive economy.   needs and an honest livelihood, and to uplift men
                                                             to that higher level of prosperity and culture which,
           Earthly goods were created for all men            provided it be used with prudence, is not only no
            Earthly goods were created to meet the tem-      hindrance but is of singular help to virtue” (Ibid.).
        poral needs of the entire human race, i.e. all men,      To be truly humane, the economic system must
        not just some or certain classes of men. This does   not only ensure that goods are made available to
        not mean that all men must be equally prosper-       each and every person, it must do so while respect-
        ous, but that all must have the ability to satisfy their   ing personal freedom. The system will be performing
        basic  needs.  The  means  and  methods  by  which   at  a  peak  level  when  it  succeeds  in  producing  and
        goods are owned, controlled, produced or distrib-    distributing goods with a minimum of encroachment
        uted can be said to be legitimate only if they are   upon individual freedoms. Its highest perfection will
                                                             be  reached  when  it  liberates  people  from  material
        ordered toward achieving this goal; they are evil    servitude and allows for the pursuit of a life of culture.
        or impaired when they prevent this goal from be-
                                                                 Social Credit advocates that a Dividend be distrib-
        ing attained.                                        uted periodically to each citizen from birth to death.
            Providence has placed upon the earth, in one     The Dividend, based on modern productive capacity
        form  or  another,  everything  necessary  to  satisfy   and  natural  entitlement,  would  allow  everyone  be-
        the normal needs of men, given cooperation and       longing to an organized society to draw upon their
        sound social organization.                           country’s available production.
                The goal of economic activity                    Changing what needs to be changed

            Economic  activity  is  that  which  is  concerned
                                                                 If the  present economic system is faulty  and
        with adapting the goods of the earth to meet men’s   fails to provide every person with a proper share of
        temporal needs. Well-ordered economic activities     the goods that nature and industry have to offer, then
        must  place  goods  within  the  reach  of  those  who   it is the duty of society’s government, responsible for
        need them. In organized societies, economic sys-     the common good, to change or correct it. After all,
        tems exist to facilitate this goal.                  systems are made for men and not men for systems.
            Societies that are correctly organized exist for     System  change  must  be  accomplished  swiftly
        the benefit of their members. The very idea of as-   and  with  the  least  infringement  on  legitimate  per-
        sociation precludes the exclusion of anyone who      sonal rights. Social Credit would restrict and circum-
        belongs  to  the  association.  Associations  must   scribe the evil in today’s system, changing only what

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