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u      Social Credit, with a monthly Dividend furnished   more than thirty years after his death. They will al-
        to every citizen, justified by the common inheritance   ways remain  relevant  since  Social Credit  principles
        of progress and natural resources, would be an emi-  will forever remain valid and applicable to every eco-
        nently  efficacious  way  to  assist  one’s  neighbour,   nomic situation.
        since  it  would  help  every  person,  particularly  the   This is why we do not hesitate to publish Louis
        poorest amongst our neighbours.                      Even’s articles and essays in the journal, MICHAEL.
            Louis Even not only had a genius for explaining   Even though written decades ago, one would swear
        Social Credit, but also had the great heart to make   they were written recently because they reflect the
        it known to others. In fact, Louis Even was already   present situation so well. This is indeed proof that So-
        putting into practice the teachings of the Church on   cial Credit is a truth that transcends every era. In the
        the role of the faithful thirty years before the role was   forty years between 1934 and 1974, Louis Even wrote
        articulated by the Second Vatican Council: to renew   an extensive and general survey of Social Credit that
        the entire temporal order so it was in conformity with   would require an entire encyclopedia to reproduce!
        the Gospel and the order desired by God.                 God  created  man  with  material  needs,  and  He
                              Louis Even was a great Cath-   also put on earth all that we require to satisfy these
                          olic who came from an exceptional   needs. If millions of people are without food, clothing
                          family; he was the 14th of a family   or shelter it is certainly not the fault of God! It is the
                          of 16 children. Six of his brothers   fault of the defective financial system — and of those
                          and sisters entered religious com-  who control it — that has interfered with a just distri-
                          munities and he became a Brother   bution of the goods God created for the satisfaction
                          of Christian Instruction at the age   of all human beings.
                          of 17, taking the name of Brother
                          Amaury Joseph (photo left).            Social Credit is “applied Christianity”
                              Louis Even arrived in Can-         When  in  1935  Louis  Even  discovered  what  he
                          ada in 1903, when religious were   called the “great light” of Social Credit he immediate-
        forced out of France by an anticlerical government.     ly recognized that the Dividend was the mechanism
        He taught in the state of Montana in the U.S.A., then   to incarnate the Christian principles of social justice in
        in the Montreal area. In 1920, at the age of 35, he was   the realm of economics, particularly relevant to each
        released from his vows because he had become deaf    person’s right to the use of material goods and the
        and could no longer teach. (At that time, the modern   distribution of daily bread to all. He made it his duty
        hearing aid did not exist.)                          to make this known to all people.
            God had plans for Louis Even. He was to launch       Clifford  Hugh  Douglas  once  said  that  Social
        a  movement  unique  in  the  world,  with  a  mission   Credit could be defined by two words: applied Chris-
        to overcome financial dictatorship, the Pilgrims of   tianity. As has been discussed in previous issues of
        St. Michael. From this mission, Louis Even’s teach-  MICHAEL  on  Social  Credit  and  papal  teachings,  a
        ings are now spread throughout the world, through    comparative study of Social Credit and the social doc-
        the magazines, MI-                                                                   trine of the Roman
        CHAEL and VERS                                                                       Catholic   Church
        DEMAIN. Millions                                                                     shows  how  well
        of booklets, trans-                                                                  Douglas’ financial
        lated into more                                                                      proposals  would
        than   ten   differ-                                                                 apply the Church’s
        ent languages and                                                                    teachings  on  so-
        distributed  free  of                                                                cial justice.
        charge,  also  dis-                                                                      Louis    Even
        seminate his teach-                                                                  knew the Church’s
        ings.                                                                                social   teachings
            Louis Even died                                                                  and  never  missed
        on September 27,                                                                     an  opportunity  to
        1974, the Feast of                                                                   comment on them
        French priest, St.                                                                   in the light of the
        Vincent de Paul,                                                                     Social Credit pro-
        the patron saint of                                                                  posals.  We  Social
        charitable  works.                                                                   Crediters    know
        His  writings  are       God provides us with an abundance of goods. If we do not   that money should
        so brilliant that          have access to the abundance it is because of bankers    be an instrument
        they remain topical             and the governments who do their bidding            of service, but the

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