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Letter from the Editor

                           Living Christmas Every Day

            The Christmas season will have passed by the         The love of Jesus and of neighbour inspired Louis
        time you read this message but it is useful to reflect   Even to denounce the current financial system and
        on this great event which changed the course of his-  found  the  work  of  MICHAEL  (see  page  9). The  cur-
        tory. This is when God became man and was made       rent system hinders God’s plan to provide for us on
        flesh,  under  the  traits  of  a  small  child  to  redeem   earth. So that His abundance might be distributed to
        us  some  thirty-three                                                           all human beings, by
        years later on the cross,                                                        way  of  a  monthly  Divi-
        thereby opening the                                                              dend issued to each cit-
        doors of Heaven to us.                                                           izen, he brought us So-
            In  a  letter  written                                                       cial Credit, or Economic
        on December 1, 2019,                                                             Democracy. In this way,
        Pope Francis invites                                                             the goods of the earth
        all families to keep the                                                         can be distributed to all
        beautiful  tradition  of                                                         citizens (see page 12).
        installing the nativity                                                             Mr. Even is not
        scene  a  few  days  be-                                                         the  only  one  who  de-
        fore  Christmas,  with                                                           nounced  the  flaws  of
        statues of Jesus, Mary,                                                          the current financial
        Joseph, the shepherds                                                            system,  which  creates
        and the magi to help us                                                          money as debt. Father
        meditate  on  this  great                                                        Charles  Coughlin  was
        mystery  of  love  (see                                                          a priest in the U.S. who
        page 5). In this mystery,                                                        attracted  large  crowds
        God revealed  Himself                                                            and had millions of lis-
        to  the  humble,  while                                                          teners on the radio in
        the  so-called  sages  of                                                        the  1930’s  (see  page
        the  world  did  not  rec-                                                       16). Even the Holy
        ognize him. The proph-                                                           Father, Pope Francis,
        et Isaiah said: “The ox                                                          did  not  mince  words
        and  the  donkey  know                                                           when  he  denounced
        their  master, but  my                                                           the global financial
        people,  do  not  know                                                           system that is more
        him” (see page 8).                                                               powerful than the state
            Since   that   first                                                         and  which  he  com-
        Christmas Day, God has not been apart from us for    pared to the racket of organized crime (see page 32).
        he is Emmanuel, “God with us”. What mysteries of         To change the current financial system we must
        love in this almighty  God, creator of Heaven  and   have an informed population. We need the example
        earth, who made Himself a small child, who delight-  of the saints, men and women truly devoted to the
        ed in being “among the children of men”. He wants    love of God and neighbour. Louis Even was such a
        us to love Him, He wishes to unite with us, to reign   man. Pope Francis also recently declared mission-
        in our hearts.                                       ary Bishop Ovide Charlebois, OMI, in Western Can-
            To be more intimately united with us, Jesus even   ada, Venerable (see page 30). See the testimony of
        made  Himself the  “Bread  from Heaven”,  present    Father Wieslaw Nazaruk, OMI, whose special favour
        with us every day in the Holy Eucharist (in Hebrew,   granted by God was an experience of Heaven, hell
        the  word  “Bethlehem”  means  “house  of  bread”).   and purgatory (see page 19).
        When we receive the Holy Eucharist, it is Jesus who      Let us live as if we were all brothers and sisters,
        comes into our hearts, like a little child, just like on   in the presence of God, and every day will truly be
        Christmas Day. If we wish, it can be Christmas for   Christmas, the Feast of Incarnated Love. v
        us every day.                                                                    Alain Pilote, Editor
                                             MICHAEL  January/February 2020      3
                                                                     Jim Caviezel s’adressant aux étudiants
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