Page 6 - A Social Dividend: An Income Guaranteed to Each Citizen
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u  owned assets. They belong to the entire popu-        monly-owned capital. When individuals form a
        lation and to each man, woman and child. No          society, they do so to improve their living con-
        one can say: “I am the one who feeds the water-      ditions, to make things easier, faster and with
        falls by evaporating the seawater and turning it     less individual effort; things they believe useful
        into rain”. Natural resources are God’s gift to      and necessary.
        all.                                                     The fact alone that people live in society
        6. Is the Social Dividend  based on the com-         means that production is increased. Life in so-
            mon ownership of natural resources?              ciety  results  in  a  productive  asset  and  is  an-
            Yes!  To  which  we                                                       other example of a real
        must add that sci-                                                            capital that belongs to
        ence  and technological                                                       everyone.
        progress comprise a                                                           10. Can you explain
        “cultural heritage”; a                                                            the difference be-
        heritage passed down                                                              tween     individual
        from earlier genera-                                                              production       and
        tions.                                                                            group production?
        7. What is the cultural                                                           Yes. Let us look at
            heritage?                                                                 both types of produc-
            It is the sum of know-                                                    tion. First, consider the
        ledge that was acquired                                                       lonely life of Robinson
        and passed down from                                                          Crusoe. He tilled a plot
        one  generation  to the                                                       of soil with his bare
        next. It is the know-how                                                      hands and sowed a few
        that was increased over          Science and progress are the greatest        seeds. He made dishes
        the centuries. It is the             factors in modern production.            out of clay and domes-
        fruit  of  the  social  order                                                 ticated wild goats. His
        we inhabit and the division of labour. All of this   efforts  were  intended  for  his  use  and  were
        makes up a huge capital at the service of those      made by him alone. Survival was his goal.
        who are now alive.                                       Let us now look at production within an or-
        8. Do citizens have  rights to this cultural         ganized society. Industrialized nations benefit
            heritage?                                        from collective energy sources and collective
            Of course! This capital does not belong to       means  of  transportation.  Modern  production
        one person in particular. It is a huge common        methods feature specialization and benefit
                                                             from the division of labour. Production is made
        heritage and its heirs are the population alive
        today.                                               by the many for the many.
            People who work deserve to be rewarded           11. What would happen if life in society came
        and no one would consider taking away the re-            to a halt?
        ward for work done. But the rightful owners of           Let us imagine that life in society came to
        the cultural heritage, that is each member of        an end. Each person would go his own way;
        society, is and remains rightfully entitled to this   there would no longer be conversation and no
        legacy.                                              more buying or selling of goods.
            Thanks  to  the  application  of  science  and        Each individual would make his own food,
        progress, fewer raw materials and less labour        clothes, shelter and tools. There would be no
        are required for an improved and increased           more schools, books, no more social relation-
        production. Is it not fair that all heirs should get   ships,  no  more  roads  and  no  more  bridges.
        their share of the resulting bounty of products?     No matter how hard individuals worked in this
        9. Are there other factors that make up this         scenario their total output would be much less
                                                             than ensues from the enhanced benefits of as-
            commonly-owned capital?                          sociation afforded by an organized society.
            Yes, life in society contributes to the com-

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