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The Reinstatement of Personal Rights

            The  following  excerpts are from a  talk by     prison, dreadful misery or poverty in which we
        Louis Even at the “Vers Demain” and MICHAEL          might find ourselves. God gives His grace there
        congress held at Three Rivers, Quebec, on Sep-       also, but salvation is more difficult in such set-
        tember 1, 1957.                                      tings. We do not have the right to impose such
            Social Credit would see the reinstatement        conditions upon people. A Christian cannot set-
        and restoration of personal rights. People are       tle for disorder.
        unique and each has a destiny to fulfill. While on
        earth, we must have an environment amenable                   Free access to books and
        to the fulfilment of each person’s destiny. This
        is our work by definition! Our work consists of         brochures on Economic Democracy
        establishing the political, economic and social
        environments to facilitate the human person’s
        development toward their destiny. What are a                 Published by the Louis Even   Published by the Louis Even Institute for Social Justice
                                                                                                Free issue – Spread the word
                                                                     Institute for Social Justice
                                                                                          An Efficient Financial System
        person’s rights? According to Pope Pius XII in                  Free issue — Spread the word   At the Service of Producers and Consumers
                                                                     Who are the TRUE
                                                                                            Let us study with Louis Even
        his radio message on June 1, 1941, they are as              rulers of the world?   the cause of poverty amidst plenty
        follows:                                                        Special issue
            “Material goods have been created by God
        to meet the needs of all men, and must be at
        the disposal of all of them, as justice and char-
        ity require.”
            “All” means that no one is to be left out. If  And they still hesitate to change the wheel!
        some people will have nothing to do with Social
        Credit, which says that goods are meant for each             Economic
        and every person, let them offer a different for-           Democracy
        mula which will allow for the inclusion of every-
        one. Trying to solve social problems through
        employment takes people on the wrong track as
                                                                    Seen in the Light of The
        wages cannot provide everyone with an income.              Social Doctrine of the Church
        Let those who insist on everyone having a job
        tell us how a child will be put to work so that his
        rights are honoured. How will the elderly find a
                                                                  Pius XI  Pius XII  John XXIII  Paul VI  John Paul II
        job?                                                        A study prepared by Alain Pilote
             Technological advances result in a form of           Published by  the Pilgrims of St. Michael, Rougemont, Canada
        progress that decreases  the  need  for  salaried
        workers.  More leisure  time  should  allow  us to        Who are the real masters of the world
        take better care of our cultural life and to prepare           An efficient financial system
        for our eternal life. Instead, we are told that we          Economic Democracy in 14 lessons
        need to work more.                                                  In this Age of Plenty
            Pope Pius continued: “Every man indeed, as                    From Debt to Proserity
        a  reason-gifted  being...” Reason sets us  apart             Reflections of African bishops
        from animals. The Pope did not say “as Chris-              We strongly encourage you to go on our
        tians”  or  “as  Catholics”,  he  said  “as  a  reason-   website ( and read for
        gifted being”. These are the words of a human-         free the full text of these books and brochures, to
        ist. All human beings have a fundamental right         study and understand more the principles of Eco-
        to earthly goods, simply because they are hu-          nomic Democracy. For those who prefer a printed
        man and for no other reason.                           version of these books and brochures. you can or-
                                                               der them from our office in Rougemont, Canada,
            Does legislation guarantee the fundamental         by visiting this link: https://www.michaeljournal.
        right of each person to make use of the goods of       org/subscription-boutique/books.
        the earth? Our souls can be saved in whatever

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