Page 5 - A Social Dividend: An Income Guaranteed to Each Citizen
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What does Social Credit teach? Do we ask             Instead of distributing the earthly goods to
        that property be taken from those who have it?       the population, “real credit”, that is, the capacity
        Not at all. We do not ask that a farm be taken       to produce, is instead often diverted toward
        away from a farmer nor a factory taken from its      destruction. We hear: “We must take up arms!
        owner. But we ask that all people and each per-      We must take up arms!” Conflicts are fomented
        son be allowed access to the products made in        everywhere. Conflicts about oil or any matter
        the factory and on the farm. The owners of the       can lead countries to war.
        factory and the farm will be the first to applaud        What is the answer? What is the remedy for
        when their products are found in every home.         these problems? The solution is the distribu-
            Social Credit stands by the principle of pri-    tion of earthly goods so that all might have their
        vate ownership but would nevertheless ensure         share, whatever their age, sex or intelligence;
        that everyone has  access to  the great capital      and whatever a man’s virtues, be he good or
        created by God and cultivated by people. Laws        bad. Does the sun not shine on everyone, what-
        exist to protect the rights  of  money, but there    ever the colour of their skin and whatever their
        are none to protect the right to earthly goods. It   nationality? “Material goods have been created
        is high time there were!                             by God to meet the needs of all men.”

                                The Social Dividend and

                              Commonly-Owned Capital

        1. What is a dividend?                               one person’s work. Their development  might
            A dividend is money given to a capitalist in     be but not their existence. Natural resources
        recognition of an investment which resulted in       are a gift of the Creator which belong to every-
        a profit. The dividend is a share of the profit and   one. They make up a real capital that is com-
        is a reward. Note                                                                  monly-owned and
        that     dividends                                                                 which is the great-
        are not based on                                                                   est factor in mod-
        work performed                                                                     ern production.
        by the investor.                                                                   4. Are natural  re-
        2. You have de-                                                                        sources a large
            fined  a  cap-                                                                     factor in pro-
            italist’s  divi-                                                                   duction?
            dend. Can you                                                                      Of course. If
            define a  So-                                                                  there were no riv-
            cial Dividend?                                                                 ers there  would

            A  Social Divi-                                                                be  no  electricity!
        dend  is a  share              Natural resources make up real capital;             If  there were no
        of a  country’s                  a capital that is commonly owned.                 forests we would
        production that is                                                                 not have  lumber,
        given to each citizen. All citizens are members      paper and other products.
        of society and each owns an equal part of the            Without mineral deposits there would be
        commonly-owned real capital.                         no manufactured goods that required their use.

        3.  What is the “commonly-owned real  capi-          Even  if natural resources cannot  satisfy our
            tal”?                                            needs  directly they  still represent  the  wealth
            It is a capital, or asset, that is both real and   from which we manufacture products to meet
        commonly-owned.  Natural  resources fall  into       the population’s needs.
        this category: forests, lakes, rivers, water falls,   5. Do a nation’s citizens have rights over their
        minerals and oil are examples.                           natural resources?
            Natural  resources are  not the  fruit of any         Yes! Natural resources are commonly- u
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