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Social Credit in Brief                                 )

                                                  “The Social Credit dividend is the rec-
                                               ognition of everyone’s right to life. Each
                                               person has a fundamental right to a share

                                               of earthly goods.” –  Louis Even

                          by Louis Even                      people suffer today is not the result of the satura-
                                                             tion of consumer needs, nor of the exhaustion of
            The economic challenge of our ancestors, who     the productive resources, but results only from the
        had little else than human labour at their dispos-   non-distribution of products and services.
        al, the power of animals and a few simple tools,         Production goes ahead only in accordance with
        consisted in producing enough goods to sustain
        themselves. Real poverty, scarcity was a constant    the orders it receives. The orders are limited by the
        threat. In the twentieth century, with a continent   consumers’ purchasing power. This purchasing
                                                             power depends on the money found in the hands
        open to progress, with the forces  of nature and
        of applied science at our disposal, the immediate    of consumers who have needs to satisfy.
        problem is to find the way to dis-                                         Social Credit presents a well
        tribute an abundant production.                                       thought out plan to fill the gap,
        The presence of an abundance                                          on an ongoing basis, between
        of goods already realized, or eas-                                    the prices of products and the
        ily realizable, should confer to all                                  money  consumers  have  in  their
        Canadians the following political                                     hands to buy the products meant
        rights in the economic domain:                                        for their use. This system leaves
            1)   Life — The right for each                                    both inflation and deflation out,
        individual to obtain the necessi-                                     but  it  maintains  a  mathematical
        ties of life, food, clothing,       lodg-                             equilibrium between production
                                                                              and purchasing power. It sub-
        ing, without having to resort to                                      dues money and puts it to the
        public charity.                                                       service of man. It forces it to ful-
            2)   Freedom — The right for                                      fil its function: the financing and
        each individual to choose the kind                                    distribution of production, the
        of  occupation  he  is  best  suited                                  satisfaction of consumer needs,
        for, instead of being compelled to                                    to  the  extent  that  the  resources
        accept such work as he can find.                                      of nature and industry will allow.
            3)   Pursuit of happiness —                                           In its propositions, Social
        The  right  for  each  individual  to   Louis Even (1885-1974),       Credit embraces doing away
        leisure that he would be free to        Founder of MICHAEL            with  poverty,  the  social  guaran-
        use in accordance with his per-                                       tee of the individual’s economic
        sonal initiative, in material, aes-                  security.
        thetic, intellectual or spiritual activities.            No one will deny that Canada is able to pro-
            The  possibility of  guaranteeing  these rights   duce  enough  goods  so  as  to  provide  an  honest
        rests on the undeniable capacity that now exists of   subsistence to each and everyone. The physical
        producing all the goods and services required to     possibility exists; only the financial possibility is
        guarantee these rights while using only a fraction   lacking. Finance does not serve Canadians, and
        of the human labour that is now available.           this is where a remedy is needed. As Henry Ford

                    What is Social Credit?                   pointed out, the products are there, but the dol-
            Social Credit is a movement. Its goal is to allow   lars to buy the products are not. The producers of
                                                             goods fulfil their role, but the producers of dollars
        consumers to benefit from the entire production      do not. Admirable techniques are used in produc- u
        capacity of useful goods. Unemployment of which

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