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Contents                                             26  “All the Days of My Life, I Will Bless God
                                                                   for Putting Social Credit on My Path”.
          4  Social Credit in Brief. Louis Even                    Archbishop Vincent Coulibaly, Guinea
          7    Historical Notes on Social Credit             28  “Social Credit, an Efficient Way
          9  It is Urgent to End the Scandal                       to Fight Poverty”.
              of Poverty.  Alain Pilote                            Msgr Placide Mukendi, DR Congo
        14  Social Credit Puts Money in its                  30  “Help Us to Discover the Depth and
              Proper Place. Louis Even                             Richness of Social Credit”. Abp.
        16  The All-Powerful Dictatorship by                       Marie Daniel Dadiet, Ivory Coast
              Those Who Control Money. Louis Even            March 2010 Session

        2008 Session                                         33  The Pilgrims of St. Michael and Social
        18  The Social Credit Lessons Are Based                    Credit. Bp. B. E. Kasanda, DR Congo
              on the Social Doctrine of the Church.          August 2010 Session
              Bernard Cardinal
              Agré, Ivory Coast                              35  “Clifford Hugh Douglas and Louis
                                                                   Even, men of genius, benefactors of
        22  Words of Appre-                                        mankind”. Bp. Basile Tapsoba,
              ciation for Social                                   Burkina Faso
              Credit. Bernard
              Cardinal Agré,                                 37   “It Is Today That We Must Commit
              Ivory Coast                                          Ourselves for the
        23  It Is High Time                                        Liberation of the
              Social Justice                                       Poor”. Bp. Fridolin
              Was Established.                                     Ambongo, DR Congo
              Fr. Patrice Savadogo, Ivory Coast              38   “We Came, We Saw,
                                                                   and We Believed”.
        2009 Session
                                                                   Bishop Fridolin
        24  The Time for the Economic Liberation                   Ambongo, DR Congo
              of Africa Has Come. Bernard                    39  A Church of Militant Faithful.
              Cardinal Agré, Ivory Coast                           Bishop Thomas Kabore, Burkina Faso
                                                             40  “Social Credit Unites Us”.
                                                                   Bishop Valentin Masengo, DR Congo
                                                             40  “God comes to our rescue”.
                    Cover: End of Mass on September 1,             Bishop Gerard Mulumba, DR Congo
                   2010 in Marieville, Quebec with all the
                    bishops and priests who took part  in    41  Prayer, Action and Fasting.
                        our week of study in Rougemont.            Abp. Anatole Milandou, Congo
                                                             42  Economic Democracy; to Distribute
                                                                   God’s Abundance.  Alain Pilote
                                                             44  Who Was Clifford Hugh Douglas?
                                                             49  We Mourn Bp. Camille Lembi of Congo
                                                             April 2011 Session

                                                             50  Goods at the service of needs
                                                                   through Social Credit (summary
                                                                   of the week of study). Fr. Felicien
                                                                   Mwanama G., DR Congo
                                                             56  God or the Golden Calf.
                                                                   Bp. Valentin Masengo, DR Congo

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