Page 3 - Reflexions of African Bishops and Priests
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57  “How Is It That the Banks Become the                   up and Denounce the Banking System”.
              Owners, the Masters of What We                       Bp. Cyr Nestor Yapaupa, CAR
              Produce!” Reflections of Bishops               81  Bishop Madega with Pope Francis
        57  Bp. Etienne Ung’Eyowun, DR Congo                 May 2014 Session
        58  Bp. Gaston Ruwezi, DR Congo
        58  Bp. Joseph Befe Ateba, Cameroon                  82  A Better World Through Social Credit.
        59  Bp. Bernard E. Kasanda, DR Congo                       Bp. Giorgio Bertin, Djibouti
        59  Abp. Samuel Kleda, Cameroon                      August 2014 Session

        August 2011 Session                                  84  Money Is Nothing but Figures Repre-
        60  Map of Africa with eight Bishops                       senting Goods and Services.
        61  Abp. Basile Mve Engone, Gabon                          Bp. Mathieu Madega, Gabon
        61  Bp. Louis Portella Mbuyu, Congo                  August 2015 Session
        62  Abp. Jean Pierre Kutwa, Ivory Coast              86  “I came and I saw!”
        62   Abp. Jean Zerbo, Mali                                 Abp.Joachim Ouedraogo, Burkina Faso
        63  Bp. Pierre Celestin Tshitoko, DR Congo
        63  Fr. Jean Marie Kouassi, Ivory Coast              April 2016 Session
        64  The Dictatorship of Relativism. Abp.             88  “Social Credit Is a Light upon My Path”.
              Philippe Ouedraogo, Burkina Faso                      Fr. Faustin Nyombayire, Rwanda
        65  Louis Even’s Articles Are Still                  September 2017 Session
              Relevant Today. Fr. Joseph Mbuyi
              Lumembu, DR Congo                              90  Love of Money Is at the Root of All Evil.
                                                                   Bp. Mathieu Madega, Gabon
        August 2012 Session
                                                             September 2018 Session
        66  “Social Credit Is
              a Vital Plan for                               93  “The Fight for Social Credit Is
              All of Humanity”.                                    Everyone’s Battle”.
              Bp. Mathieu                                          Bp. Emmanuel Abbo, Cameroon
              Madega, Gabon                                  94  Bp. Joseph Mbatia, Kenya
                                                             95  Bp. Philip Anyolo, Kenya

        70  ’“I left the diabolical world of finance”.
              Celine Akouete, Ivory Coast
        72  The Bankers Are the Pharisees of
              Today. Bp. L. Nzala Kianza, DR Congo
        75  Social Credit: a financial system ex-
              empt from debts at the service of man.
              Bp. Mathieu Madega (2012 Synod)
        May 2013 Session

        76  The Problem of Poverty in Africa.
              Fr. Joseph Lukelu, DR Congo
        August 2013 Session

        79  R“Wake up Mankind, Refuse Usury,                          Please circulate by e-mail
              and You Will Have a Future”.                       the PDF version of this document
              Bp. Mathieu Madega, Gabon                             to your contacts and friends!
        80  “The Time Has Come for Us to Stand

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