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Prayers & Rosaries

The Chaplet of St. Joseph

on Saturday, 01 October 2016. in Prayers & Rosaries

Pray every first Wednesday of the month

Prayer for the Jubilee Year of Mercy

on Sunday, 01 May 2016. in Prayers & Rosaries

Prayer of His Holiness pope Francis for the extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy

Prayer of St. Thérèse

on Sunday, 01 May 2016. in Prayers & Rosaries

The Divine Mercy novena

on Friday, 01 January 2016. in Prayers & Rosaries

Stay with me, Lord

on Friday, 01 May 2009. in Prayers & Rosaries

Padre Pio’s prayer after Holy Communion

The vision of Pope Leo XIII

on Sunday, 01 July 2007. in Apparitions, Prayers & Rosaries

The prayer to St. Michael

The August Queen Prayer

on Thursday, 01 May 2003. in Prayers & Rosaries

The secret of the Rosary

on Saturday, 01 March 2003. in Prayers & Rosaries