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January - February 2017

Michael Journal january 2017 issue


2017, a Year of Celebration
The Fatima Apparitions, Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary
The Rosary is the Gospel on its Knees
Jesus Recognized as King of Poland
Peru Consecrated to Jesus and Mary
Why a Feast of Christ the King?
Questions and Answers from DOCAT
God’s Greatest Enemy is Money
The State of the Soul
Freemasonry, an Instrument of Satan
New Economics for an Age of Plenty
Social Credit and Foreign Trade
Our Lady of Good Success

Cover page:

The tallest statue of Jesus in the world is located in Swiebodzin, in western Poland. It was inaugurated on November 21, 2010, the solemnity of Christ the King.
It stands 118 feet (36 metres), 3 metres taller than Rio’s Christ the Redeemer.