Page 14 - A Social Dividend: An Income Guaranteed to Each Citizen
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u      This shows contempt for the human person             The basis of the Social Dividend is applied sci-
        and a departure from the plan of God who is the      ence and progress placed at the service of each in-
        Creator of all forms of wealth. Goods are intended   dividual. The rationale is progress: the huge actual
        for all men.                                         and potential production of a nation. Dividends will
        48. How will societies guarantee this “vital         be issued in the form of money.
            minimum”?                                            Under Social Credit there would be no financial
            Some radical changes will have to be made:       problem where there existed no problem of pro-
        not to the way we make goods, nor to the owner-      duction. There is no secret. Social Credit ensures
        ship of the means of production, but rather to the   that money reflect production rather than limit pro-
        financial system.                                    duction.
            Douglas developed proposals that offer a             Today’s monetary system is used mainly to
        mode of distribution that would place money at the   drive individuals and governments into debt.
        service of physical realities. The implementation of   52. Could Social Dividends be the “vital min-
        these  proposals,  known as Social Credit,  would        imum” that would guarantee an individual’s
        guarantee that all individuals receive their share of       freedom and dignity?
        the huge amount of modern production in a stable         Yes! This is where we can address the out-
        and sustainable way.                                 standing fact that the Social Dividend guarantees
            Human beings would be recognized and treat-      social security. The Social Dividend is the only
        ed as more important than money. The primacy of      form of social security that does not humiliate or
        the human person would be recognized; a primacy      impede. Accessing bread, with no condition other
        claimed in principle, but that no government has     than that bread exists, would free people. The first
        thus far protected in legislation.                   fruit of progress should be the guarantee that ne-
        49. Are wage subsidies a more efficient means        cessities are taken care of and that economic se-
            than Social Dividends of securing income?        curity for today and tomorrow is ensured.
            Governments  often  grant  or  refuse  to  grant     A Social Dividend, to each and every person
        subsidies according to political factors. They set   from birth until death, would provide mankind with
        conditions and restrictions. Subsidy politics cre-   the beautiful fruit that is derived from progress.
        ates recipients that have their hands tied and who
        are made to feel obligated to government.
            Social  Dividend  policy  does  the  opposite.  It
        renders people free. By having money to pay for
        goods and services we need not turn to the gov-
        ernment for aid. Free people can pay for their insti-
        tutions and can, in turn, attain their personal goals.
        50. How do you respond to people who say that
            Social Dividends will lead to inflation?
            The same people who raise this false alarm do
        not worry that government subsidies will be infla-
        tionary. If resources and workers are available to
        establish subsidies why would they not be avail-
        able to answer the need for Social Dividends?
        51. Do you see a difference between subsidies                Industrialist Henry Ford II once invited Wal-
            and Social Dividends?                               ter Reuther, then president of the Auto Workers
                                                                Union, to see the first automated robots in his
            The results are quite different. Subsidies create   factory. Ford praised their efficiency and said
        recipients who have moral debts; the Social Divi-       that it would be easy to replace workers in auto-
        dend leaves citizens free. Subsidies turn govern-       mobile production. Reuther wisely commented:
        ments into guardians while Social Dividends make        “How many of these robots will buy a car?” If
        governments the servants of the people.                 money is not distributed directly to consum-
            The  politics  of  subsidies  opens  the  door  to   ers, who will buy the production that is made
        favouring the “friends” of the government to the        by machinery? If machinery  replaces  salaried
        detriment of other citizens since subsidies are fi-     workers, people will need a Dividend to replace
                                                                their lost income.
        nanced through taxation. Social Dividends, how-
        ever, treat the lowest ranking citizen regally.

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