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Written by Bernard Cardinal Agré on Monday, 01 September 2008. Posted in Social Credit

Cardinal Agre with Economic Democracy bookBefore going back to Ivory Coast, Cardinal Agre wrote the following text, to be included in the Polish edition of the Social Credit proposals explained in ten lessons:

At the request of the Pilgrims of St. Michael, I have decided to compose this small text as a foreword for the edition in the Polish language of the Social Credit proposals explained in ten lessons.

This 150-page manual guides the animators for the weeks of study and the meetings in Rougemont.

With the participants who came from the continents of Africa, America, Europe and Asia, I had the pleasure of taking part in this lively and instructive teaching.

In the line of Louis Even, the founder of this strongly Marian organization that draws its major themes from the Social Doctrine of the Catholic Church, we salute the relevance of the dominant features of Social Credit that calls for a new social world of justice and charity.

Fortunately, the Compendium of the Catholic Church in its recent edition, offers a source that enlightens the work that you now hold in your hands in its four fundamental principles, namely:

  • The respect of the human person
  • The search for the common good
  • The principle of subsidiarity
  • And solidarity

The ten lessons on social credit and the Compendium are available in many languages in order to be precious instruments of personal and communal reflection.

We are all concerned by the recurrent misery and poverty of peoples.

How can the lack of the necessities of life on an earth that is so fertile be understood? How can we understand that millions of adults and children die of hunger and malnutrition? How can we understand that countries who are extremely rich, collapse under debts that cannot be paid, due to a global viciated financial system that holds these countries in capitivity, thanks to a handful of of powerful individuals who stand together in evil?

This allows us to hope for our our liberation from the banks and their merciless intermediaries. It requires millions of men and women who are enlightened, organized, filled with faith and love, who rise from everywhere to cry out their discontent and build a new national and international environment where "no one goes without the necessities of life." (Benedict XVI, Deus caritas est, 25.) The Pilgrims of St. Michael have started the fight seventy years ago. There is still a lot a work ahead.

Apostles, men of faith, specialists, men of good will, stand up, it is your turn. Do not be afraid, Christ is alive, and He is the Master of time and history.

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Bernard Cardinal Agré

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